Nintendo turns a factory into a gallery


Nintendo has announced that its Uji Ogura factory will be converted into a public gallery to “display the many products Nintendo has launched throughout its history”. Located in the Ogura district of Uji, a town just outside of Kyoto, the factory was built in 1969 and was mainly used for the production of playing cards and hanafuda cards, which is how Nintendo started as a company in the 1800s.

“Nintendo has discussed the possibility of building a gallery as a way to share Nintendo’s history and philosophy of product development with the public,” the company said in a statement. statement. “To this end, the Nintendo Uji Ogura Plant will be renovated to house the gallery, a decision made after considering The City of Uji’s plan to redevelop the nearby Ogura Station area.”

Nintendo expects the gallery to be completed in the fiscal year of April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024. At the moment the working title is “Nintendo Gallery”. The facility will no doubt be popular with tourists visiting Kyoto, many of whom make the pilgrimage to Nintendo’s headquarters, even though it’s a nondescript office building closed to the public. And of course, the new Super Nintendo World area at Universal Studios Japan is fairly close by in neighboring Osaka.