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Nintendo Switch revenue has reached $69 billion since its launch.. | -WhatsNew2Day


Nintendo’s success continues with its Nintendo Switch, with revenues from launch to date reaching nearly $69 billion, which is a large number for a portable home device.

In a report shared by TweakTown based on data collected and provided by Nintendo, it was revealed that the Nintendo Switch system with total game sales generated more than $69 billion in revenue over its lifetime. This huge amount consists of more than 1 billion games sold and nearly 125 million mobile devices sold.

Even today, seven years after the device debuted, it’s still selling massively and topping the charts. Reportedly, the original device has sold nearly 90 million units, while the new OLED model released at the end of 2021 has sold around 15 million units.

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a report TweakTown Detailed and contains data recorded from the launch of the device until March 2023. It was estimated in the report that up to 94% of Nintendo’s net sales revenue during that time was made up of sales related to the device’s exchange, peaking in 2021 and during that year, Selling nearly 30 million units. We also mention that It has been reported that work on the next generation of the device has begun, as we talked about here in previous news.

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