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Nintendo is being sued over Mario Kart Tour loot boxes


Nintendo is facing a lawsuit over the Spotlight Pipes loot boxes that were available in the mobile game Mario Kart Tour until September 2022.

According to what he said Axiosthe plaintiff is a young gamer who spent more than $170 on Mario Kart Tour internal transactions using his father’s credit card, the lawsuit alleges that loot boxes benefited and encouraged addictive behavior similar to gambling, and the lawsuit aims to recover all minors in the United States who purchased them funds.

Spotlight chests are pretty typical Mario Kart Tour loot boxes that allow players to pay real money to get a reward at random. However, the lawsuit alleged that Nintendo made it difficult to advance the game without purchasing it and tricked players into spending more real money than they desired.

These practices allegedly violate California business law and Washington state consumer protection law.

Nintendo removed these loot boxes from Mario Kart Tour last September, and they’re now integrating transactions through the game’s store, where users can simply purchase the item they want.

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