Nintendo announces switch with Disney theme for Japan

After sticking to the same hardware for what felt like forever, Nintendo has significantly improved the pace for its release schedule of Switch variants. The switch-only Switch Lite was unveiled a few weeks ago, a new model with better battery life is coming next month and we also saw the first new Joy-Con colors last week a while ago.


Now? It's Disney time. Nintendo has announced a new Switch bundle for Japan that is in line with the popular one Disney Tsum-Tsum franchise. Called a new game Tsum-Tsum festival comes out on October 10 and includes Switch-exclusive mini-games and the possibility to play a regular game in mobile style Tsum-tsum by holding the switch vertically.

The Switch hardware bundle has a dock with a pattern Tsum-tsum signs and the logo, while the included pink and purple Joy-Cons are decorated in the same way. The Switch itself is the updated, more durable model and has pink characters on the back. The start button also has ears.

The Tsum-Tsum festival bundle will be released in Japan on October 10 and will sell for 36,080 yen ($ 333). Not a word about a release elsewhere.

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