Nigeria junior schools to teach in local languages, not English

The new policy aims to promote the use of Nigeria’s 625 local languages, but implementation remains uncertain.

The Nigerian government has approved a new national language policy that mandates the use of local languages ​​as the language of instruction for primary school students and scraps English.

The policy was announced on Wednesday by Nigerian Education Minister Adamu Adamu after it was approved by the Federal Executive Council (FEC) in a meeting chaired by President Muhammadu Buhari, local media reported.

“[T]The government has now agreed that from now on education will be provided in primary schools; the first six years of learning will be in the mother tongue,” the minister said.

English is the official language of Nigeria. It is also the language of instruction at all levels of education.

The goal of the new policy is “to promote and enhance the cultivation and use of all Nigerian languages,” Adamu said.

There are about 625 local languages ​​in Nigeria, he said, and the policy would be applied nationally.

”Because the first six years of school must be in the mother tongue. Where the learner is, the language of the host community will be used,” he explained.

Adamu said that after the exclusive use of local languages ​​for the first six years of school, the native language would then be combined with English at the junior level.

While the new policy has officially entered into force, it is more in principle, the minister added, as full implementation will not take place until more preparatory work has been done.

“Theoretically, this policy starts from today, but the use of the native language is exclusive, but we need time to develop the material, get the teachers, and so on,” he said on Wednesday.

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