Farage tells People

Nigel Farage surprised viewers during an interview this afternoon after confirming that he would support a second referendum, but there is a problem.

The prominent Brexiteer told Sky News that he would be happy to have a second referendum "in twenty years."

He added that support for Leave would skyrocket if another vote were held, with Brexit winning "by an even bigger margin."

However, Farage attacked those who demanded a new referendum "when the first has not yet been implemented."

The former leader of Ukip is holding his own Leave Means Leave in Harrogate to coincide with the popular vote.

He said: "Having another referendum before implementing the first would be ridiculous

"I am happy to have another referendum in about 20 years when we work to determine what kind of shape Europe will have and how happy we are as an independent country.

"But right now, this is just the loser's vote, this is the establishment, I'm surprised by some of these students in London today.

"Do not you understand that you are campaigning for the elderly in Brussels that we can not choose and can not eliminate?

"If there was a second referendum, I would see a wave of public anger, we would vote by a much larger margin, but would Tony Blair accept it?"

Mr. Farage added: "We do not need another referendum, it is clear why we vote."

"We voted to leave the EU and all we are asking is to leave the EU and do it as quickly as possible.

"Just continue with the phrase I hear more than any other."

He focused on Theresa May as the key issue in Brexit's current stalemate, criticizing the Prime Minister for her latest suggestion of an extension of the transition period beyond 2020.

She added: "In humiliating circumstances, she agreed to extend the transition period one more year, where we will not control our borders or capture our own fish and want to deliver another 20 billion pounds to do so.

"The problem is not Brexit, the problem is the Prime Minister.

"She wants Britian to go by name and participate again, but that's not what the British voted for.

"I think her own party will force her out if she does not change the way."