Nicola Sturgeon and ministers on collision course over gender recognition plans

Nicola Sturgeon is in collision with ministers over the gender recognition plans. Kemi Badenoch warns against ‘diverging UK rules’ amid concerns of a Supreme Court battle

  • Nicola Sturgeon faces conflict with Westminster over gender recognition rules
  • Minister Kemi Badenoch has warned about ‘divergence’ within the UK
  • There are fears that the controversial Scottish legislation could end-up in the Supreme Court. 

Nicola Sturgeon seems to be in conflict with the UK government regarding today’s gender recognition rules.

Kemi Badenoch, Equalities minister, wrote to the SNP leader to express concern about her plans to loosen Scotland’s system.

Holyrood is expected vote on the Gender Recognition Reform Scotland Bill before Christmas. It would mean that people applying for legal gender change do not need to have a medical diagnosis.

The minimum age would drop from 18 to 16 and the threshold for being a transgender person would go from two years to three to three months. There will be a three-month reflection period.

Reem Alsalem, UN special rapporteur, is one of the senior figures to raise concerns about the potential impact on the safety and well-being of girls and women. 

Kemi Badenoch, the Equalities minister (pictured), wrote to Nicola Sturgeon, raising alarm about her plans for loosening the system in Scotland.

Ms Sturgeon (Pictured) Looks To Be On Collision Course With The Uk Government Over Gender Recognition Rules

Ms Sturgeon (pictured) looks to be on collision course with the UK government over gender recognition rules

Ms Badenoch wrote a letter to Ms Sturgeon this Week, warning that the legislation would cause ‘divergence’ between Scotland and other parts of the UK.

According to The Times, the minister wrote that individuals contemplating taking the very serious step of changing the law on their sex need clarity about the process and was concerned about the consequences of having divergent regimes in different parts of the UK.

Ms Badenoch said, “I have heard from many women who’ve raised concerns about these proposals as well as the implications for wider society.”

The minister stated that it was not possible for the Bill to be fully contained’ in Scotland. However, there are likely to be impacts in other parts of the UK.

If the UK Government The UK Supreme Court could decide that the UK refused to accept certificates recognizing gender in Scotland.

Ms. Sturgeon lost a recent case before the court. It ruled that she did not have the power without Westminster’s permission to organize an independence referendum.

A spokesperson for the UK however, Government It should be noted that no final decisions have yet been made about how to respond.

“The UN special rapporteur for Scotland has stated that the Scottish GovernmentThe spokeswoman stated that the proposals raise clear concerns.

“We will continue to monitor the Bill’s progress to understand its potential impact on rights across the United Kingdom. We have not made any decision on any possible action at this point.

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