Niclosamide – A Medication Used For Multiple Issues

You could have medication in your cupboard that is used to treat more than one problem. A lot of commonplace medications are used for treating several issues. Though they’re initially meant for one issue, some have the possibility of treating more than one health problem. 

One such drug is Niclosamide. It has been used in the past as an anthelminthic medication, and now it’s become a great treatment for diabetes, as well as Parkinson’s disease, and even microbial and viral infections. A few reports likewise reveal it’s also used to treat certain cancers. Here’s a comprehensive outline of all the chief uses for it. 

What is Niclosamide Anyway?

Niclosamide is an anthelminthic medication intended to be used for treating parasitic illnesses in many folks worldwide. Anthelmintics are used to cure someone infected with worms.  Niclosamide is prescribed for worms such as fish tapeworms, broad tapeworms, beef tapeworms, along with infections caused by dwarf tapeworms. However, it won’t work if you need to treat other kinds of worm infestations like pinworms or roundworms. 

These kind of worms are a type of parasite which adheres to the wall of the intestines where it grows and breeds. Many times these infections are not serious, however, at times the infestation can become massive and cause extremely serious problems. Intestinal worm infections cause worldwide health issues. 

Two billion folks worldwide are affected by soil-transmitted helminth (STH). These infestations are totally preventable, but still are causing substantial agony, pain and  irritation. So this is the reason anthelmintics are used to cure the infection they cause. 

Niclosamide powder is approved by the FDA as an anthelmintic. However, in the past five years, a lot of interest has been paid in determining if it can be prescribed to treat cancer, as well as several other illnesses like Parkinson’s, diabetes, and viral and microbial illnesses. 

Studies have shown this drug is more efficient than mebendazole and flubendazole. It is additionally the drug most doctors choose for mass chemotherapy. It’s also been prescribed as an oral anthelmintic drug for nearly 50 years for treating tapeworm infestations. 

In What Way Does Niclosamide Work?

Niclosamide is a medication that needs a doctor’s prescription. Tapeworms are killed by this drug precisely when they come into contact with it. Then, the victim passes the killed worms when they have a bowel movement. At times, the worms are seen as evidence in the commode. But sometimes it’s hard to see them because most are destroyed inside your gut. 

To assist in clearing your body of the infestation, you can take it on an empty stomach—if possible an hour prior to or two hours after you eat. However, if you want to avoid nausea, it’s recommended by doctors to take it after you eat something light. Breakfast time is a perfect timeframe for taking this medicine. 

Even though it’s used as an anthelmintic drug, the actual way it works isn’t totally understood.  However, in the last ten years studies have shown this drug has the possibility of treating a lot of other illnesses which include signaling cascades. 

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