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Nick Hungerford, founder of Nutmeg, dies at 43


Nutmeg founder Nick Hungerford dies at 43, leaving a legacy with a charity named after his daughter’s smile

Nick Hungerford, who died at age 43, was a force for good in the investing world.

Along with William Todd, Nick founded the online investment platform Nutmeg in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.

Its premise was based on providing investors with simple and transparent investment products at low cost.

Nick Hungerford with his wife Nancy and their two-year-old daughter, Elizabeth

Nutmeg was something of an investment pioneer, and while it never turned a profit as a stand-alone company, US investment giant JPMorgan was so impressed that it bought the company for a small fortune two years ago, keeping the brand name intact.

Before Nick died, he founded the Elizabeth’s Smile charity with his wife Nancy.

Named after his two-year-old daughter, the charity’s mission is to help children cope with the grief brought on by the death of a parent. Details about elizabeth.org.

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