NFL Hall of Famer Brett Favre files motion to be removed from Mississippi welfare lawsuit

Retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre is asking to be removed from a lawsuit by the state of Mississippi that seeks to recover millions of dollars in misspent welfare money that was intended to help some of the poorest people in the US.

Favre’s attorney filed papers Monday claiming that the Mississippi Department of Human Services “groundlessly and irresponsibly seeks out to blame Favre’s grossly inappropriate and unlawful handling of welfare money and its own inept and unprofessional oversight and audit” of how the money was used by organizations.

Favre’s attorney Eric D. Herschmann wrote that “Including Favre in the lawsuit has had its intended effect – It has attracted national attention to this case,” in the filing in Hinds County Circuit Court.

Herschmann said that the lawsuit was focused on the welfare agencies’ ‘false allegations concerning Favre’s presumed involvement’ rather than the agency, which in fact is responsible to allowing this scandal.

It was unclear when Hinds County Circuit judge Faye Peterson might review the request.

According to Mississippi Today, Favre is one of 38 people or organizations being sued by state officials to recover $24million from $77m federal welfare money. 

Brett Favre, an ex-NFL quarterback, is seeking to be removed in a civil suit in Mississippi. The lawsuit seeks to recover millions in welfare money that was meant to help the most vulnerable people in the US.

Favre Primarily Played With The Green Bay Packers From 1992-2007, Winning Super Bowl Xxxi

Favre played primarily with the Green Bay Packers between 1992 and 2007, winning Super Bowl XXXI

Favre will not face criminal charges He Mississippi Department of Human Services has filed lawsuits against more than thirty companies and individuals in order to recover money that was not spent in its largest public corruption case. 

The lawsuit was filed by the department in May. It claimed that defendants had’squandered’ more than $20million of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families anti poverty program.

Favre was born in Mississippi, played football at the University of Southern Mississippi, and then went on to a long career as a Green Bay Packers player that included a victory in Super Bowl XXXI. He He was traded to New York Jets 2008, and played there for one year prior to his two final seasons with the Minnesota Vikings.

Favre has repaid $1.1m he earned for speaking fees from Mississippi Community Education Center. The center is a non-profit organization that used TANF money under the approval of the Department of Human Services. Favre still owes $228,000, however Shad White, state auditor, stated Monday.

Mississippi State Auditor Shad White (Pictured) Claims Favre Still Owes $228,000 In Interest After Paying Back $1.1M He Received For Speaking Fees From The Mississippi Community Education Center

Mississippi state auditor Shad White (pictured) claims Favre still owes $228,000 in interest after paying back $1.1m he received for speaking fees from the Mississippi Community Education Center

John Davis, Former Director Of The Mississippi Department Of Human Services, Pleaded Guilty In September To Federal And State Charges Tied To The Welfare Misspending

John Davis, former director of Mississippi Department of Human Services pleaded guilty in September, to federal charges and to state charges connected to the welfare underpayment

White’s office investigated welfare spending. White responded to questions about Favre’s request to be removed from civil litigation. The judge can decide who owes whom back and the court system can help to see the case through.

John Davis, a former director of Department of Human Services, pleaded guilty last September to federal charges and state charges in connection to the welfare underpayment.

Nancy New, director of the Mississippi Community Education Center, pleaded guilty to misspending welfare money charges in April. Zachary New, her son, also pleaded guilty. They are awaiting sentencing and have agreed not to testify against other people, just like Davis.

Nancy New

Zachary New

Nancy New and Zachary New, her son, pleaded guilty in April, to charges of misuse welfare money. Now they await sentencing. Both of them have agreed to testify against other people

Text Messages Purportedly Showing Favre, New And Former Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant Planning To Funnel $5M Into A New Complex Built At Favre'S Alma Mater, Southern Miss, Where His Daughter Was Playing Volleyball In 2018 Were Included In A Recent Filing In The Lawsuit

In a lawsuit filing, text messages purportedly showing Favre and Phil Bryant, former governor of Mississippi, planning to funnel $5m towards a new complex constructed at Favre’s alma mater Southern Miss where his daughter was playing volleyball, were included.

A Mississippi Community Education Center attorney released text messages totaling $5m. The money was intended to go towards a volleyball court Favre wanted to construct at his alma mater the University of Southern Mississippi. His daughter was currently playing the sport. 

They were sent between Nancy New and Favre as well as between Favre (former Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant) and Bryant (New). The messages were between 2017 and 2019, when Republican Bryant still ruled.

In a court filing, Favre stated that the nonprofit center had agreed to pay Favre $1.1m “for a few broadcast spots” to help finance the volleyball arena. This was also known as a campus wellness centre.

A September court filing also contained text messages that Favre used to try to obtain additional welfare money for an indoor training facility for the University of Southern Mississippi football team. 

Bryant said federal money for children and low income adults was ‘tightly managed’ and that improper use could lead to violations of Federal Law.

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