NFL fans react to Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers struggles

1. NFL fans can’t seem to get enough of watching Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers lose.

Brady has won seven Super Bowls and is the greatest quarterback of all time, so it’s easy to understand why fans of every team he’s beaten over the years enjoy his struggles.

Rodgers was a fan favorite for most of his career, but he’s had a controversial couple of years and in recent months has become something of a new-age spiritual leader, which has turned some people away.

But both quarterbacks hit rock bottom Sunday.

Brady, 45, couldn’t find the end zone in a 21-3 loss to the Panthers, while Rodgers, 38, and the Packers stumbled 14-3 against the Commanders and lost 23-21.

Notably, Brady and Rodgers each lost to a former XFL quarterback in Carolina’s PJ Walker and Washington’s Taylor Heinicke.

With both quarterbacks leading their teams to 3-4 records and showing their age, NFL fans were downright stunned.


Fox’s Joe Davis, who will call his first World Series for Fox later this week, got an electric call about Bryce Harper’s dramatic home run against the Padres on Sunday.

3. Ian Eagle also had a big decision on Breece Hall’s 62-yard touchdown run for the Jets against the Broncos.

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Four. The Cal graduate Marshawn Lynch was interviewed by ESPN on Saturday night as the Bears hosted the Washington Huskies. Lynch didn’t seem to be aware that ESPN doesn’t allow swearing.

5. Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams, who got in trouble a couple of weeks ago for pushing a cameraman aside as he ran back to the locker room after his team lost to the Chiefs, made sure there was no incident afterward. from Sunday’s game against the Texans.

6. This week SI Media Podcast features a conversation with radio host Chris Russo. The man known as “Mad Dog” talks about his upcoming induction into the Radio Hall of Fame and what it means to him, the rebirth of his career that he has enjoyed over the past year thanks to weekly appearances by he in first take

some of the ups and downs he experienced while doing the talk show hosted by Stephen A. Smith and what his role is on the show.

Russo also reveals what happened after revealing his first take

salary during an interview with Howard Stern and discusses his first take future. Additionally, Russo weighs in on recent sports headlines, including MLB playoff broadcasts, NFL Thursday night football problem, Jim Irsay is calling the current problems of Daniel Snyder and Tom Brady.

Other topics covered include Mount Rushmore from the TV shows, Bruce Springsteen, and much more.

You can listen to the podcast below or download it at Apple, Spotify Y Google.

You can also see the SI Media Podcast in Youtube.

7. RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: I can’t think of a better Monday pick-me-up than a video from the best TikTok account, @menwithpot. Just look at all that butter!

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