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NFL expert criticizes Beckham signing


The Baltimore Ravens recently signed a true NFL superstar in Odell Beckham Jr. While congratulations rained down from many quarters, ex-pro Ross Tucker couldn’t understand the hype surrounding OBJ.

Beckham signed a one-year contract with the Ravens on April 9 that will see him earn at least $15 million. With bonuses, the amount could grow to $18 million. Tucker has absolutely no understanding of these numbers.

“Fifteen million fully guaranteed? For a man who turns 31, has torn his cruciate ligament twice in the last three years, rushed 856 yards in the last three years and didn’t play at all last year!” rumbled the eponymous host “Ross Tucker Football Podcast”.

For the NFL insider, Beckham collects too much in relation to other pass recipients. “Even the best free agent wide receivers that played last year and were productive were getting $11 million a year, but they had to commit to their new teams for at least three years,” Tucker said.

NFL team looks set to lure Lamar Jackson with OBJ deal

Due to what he considers an excessive salary, Tucker relentlessly settles accounts with Baltimore. “I genuinely think the Ravens overpaid for Odell Beckham Jr. This could be the worst contract I’ve ever seen the Ravens award.”

The journalist thinks he knows the reason for Beckham’s commitment. “They did it because they obviously think it will help them sign Lamar Jackson or at least get him to play for them this year. There’s no other explanation,” Tucker said.

Baltimore has been working feverishly on Jackson’s contract extension for several months. However, an agreement is still not in sight, which is why the quarterback was recently given the non-exclusive franchise tag.

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