Next God of War postponed to 2022 but also coming to PS4


The next god of war game has been pushed back to 2022. The game, intended for PS5, was originally set to release sometime in 2021. Head of PlayStation Studios Hermen Hulst confirmed the news shared in a post on the PlayStation blog, saying, “We’ve made the decision to move that game to next year, to make sure Santa Monica Studio can use the great god of war game we all want to play.” We also learned today that a PS4 version of the following god of war is under development.

The studio posted a tweet confirming the delay.

Where is this Sony’s other big budget single player game, Horizon Forbidden West? Hulst says the team is tentatively planning a holiday release in 2021, but the team will not set a release date. He says that the development of both Horizon and god of war are “affected by access to capturing achievements and talent.”

While the news of god of war‘s delay and uncertainty surrounding the release window of the next Horizon title may be disappointing, Hulst has made a statement about avoiding crunch in his studios. “Something has to be done with these things. It can’t be the quality of our titles, and it certainly won’t be the health and well-being of our great team.”