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Newspoll shows support for declining voice in parliament



Support for an indigenous voice in parliament is waning, but a narrow majority is still in favor of the measure, according to a special Newspoll.

Support for the voice fell from 56 percent at the start of the year to 53 percent in the latest poll, The Australian poll shows.

The total vote of those against the proposal rose just one point to 38 percent, but those who said they were strongly in favor of the proposal fell from 28 percent in February to 25 percent in the latest poll.

This was driven by a decline in Coalition voters who said they were strongly in favor last time out, from 13 percent to 10 percent.

Among the total number of voters in full or part, the largest declines since February have been among women, Labor voters, and younger demographics.

Among people ages 18 to 34, support fell from 70 percent in early February, when Newspoll first asked voters this question, to 64 percent in the most recent poll.

A full 57 percent of those 65 and older said they were opposed in early February, but that has fallen to 48 percent now, with a two-point increase among those in support to 42 percent.

Female voters in favor also fell from 60% to 54%, while support among men fell from 53% to 50%.

When split along party lines, the level of support among Labor voters fell from 74 to 68 percent.

The number of Labor voters against the voice rose three points to 21 per cent, while there was a three point increase to 11 per cent of Labor voters sitting on the fence.

Movement among Coalition voters saw the number in favor drop by just two points to 35 percent.

The poll of 1,530 voters from across the country was conducted between March 1 and 4.

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