<pre><pre>News from Scotland: police officer & # 39; threatened to URINATE in van & # 39; after leaving at night | United Kingdom | News

Martin McKay had gone out with his wife, who was also an officer in service, and friends when they called the police at the Stramash bar in Edinburgh after an alleged incident with a waitress.

Edinburgh's 50-year-old McKay began making threats after he was put in the back of a police van. It was said that he had "agitated" and "had been asked to let him out" in order to relieve himself.

He was told to the Edinburgh Sheriff's Court that he began to "shout and swear" and became enraged: "Stop the van now". He then told his classmates that he would "urinate in the truck" if they did not stop.

McKay, who is 21 years old in the police service, also threatened an officer: "If you do not stop, I'm going to punch you."

He pleaded guilty to threatening or abusive behavior by shouting, insulting and threatening to urinate in the police van, failing to comply with instructions from police officers and issuing threats of violence on August 6 of last year.

The Crown accepted accusations of not guilty of sexually assaulting a woman by handling her private parts and exposing herself repeatedly to a bar worker.

The prosecutor's prosecutor, Mark Keane, said McKay was detained around 12:15 am and was not put in handcuffs.

The decision was made to transfer him to Livingston, as he had previously worked in police stations throughout the capital.

Mr. Keane said: "Once on the highway, the defendant asked to sit in the front of the truck and also asked to go out to urinate.

"This was rejected and the defendant started yelling and swearing, saying:" Pull the f ** king van "and & # 39; Let me go out to urinate & # 39; "

Keane said the request was rejected and McKay threatened to urinate in the back of the police van.

McKay had previously served in the anti-drug squad and the organized crime unit, but has been on "restricted duties" since his arrest.

Sheriff John Cook fined him £ 540 and told him: "You should have known better than most and the cops should not have to deal with this."

Superintendent Craig Blackhall, of the Scottish Police Professional Standards Department, confirmed that McKay had been assigned to restricted tasks and added: "A report will be submitted to the Deputy Director of Police for consideration."