News from Man Utd: Paul Pogba replies to Jose Mourinho & # 039; trust & # 039; issues


The winner of the World Cup in France has an uneasy relationship with Old Trafford boss Mourinho, which sparked conversations about a summer outing with Pogba's agent, Mina Raiola, desperate to move him to Barcelona.

The owners of United and the internal hierarchy of Old Trafford have no interest in selling Pogba.

Although Mourinho has problems with Pogba's celebrity status and striking exterior, the club's leading figures see him as the essential star star to lead United's quest to be champions again after a five-year wait for the title. League.

Mourinho faced Pogba several times last season and even after his victory in the World Cup in Russia, the head of United irritated the Frenchman and his camp by challenging him to play the same way every week in the Premier League.

"When you feel comfortable, when people trust you and you have confidence, then you are good in your own head"

Paul Pogba

Pogba clearly wants to end the shooting and recognizes more love and a less destructive narrative of Mourinho will benefit everyone.

And as United's season began with a win over Leicester Pogba's powerful display, he showed off his special talent, and brought some direct comments from the clever midfield powerhouse of £ 89 million.

"You have to know one thing, you have to know one thing: a player who is elected and is happy, you always feel more comfortable than when he is not happy," said Pogba.

"That's all I'm saying, after the World Cup, I'm the same, I'm the same, it's the same as Paul Pogba."


Pogba captained United to beat Leicester 2-1 yesterday

"It's a different team, obviously.

"I still enjoy playing football, I still love football and I still give my best with the team for the team.

"As I said, when you feel comfortable, when people trust you and you trust, then you are good in your own head and it will be easier".

Pogba and Mourinho will never be close friends. And throughout all of his duties with the media after the Leicester triumph, he never mentioned his manager once.

"I always do my best for the fans, for the teammates and for the people who trust me," said Pogba.

Despite talking about wanting a new deal of £ 350,000 to have parity with Alexis Sánchez, Pogba – with around £ 200,000 a week – insists that his life is about happiness, not money.

"If you're not happy to do what you're doing now, there's no point in doing it," he says.

"If you do it for money, there's a point about doing things for money, but there's a point about doing things because you love them."

Pogba featherGETTY

The winner of the World Cup opened the scoring with a penalty yesterday

"If you're enjoying what you do, you give it your best." But if you're not happy, you can not do your best. "

That is a clear indication that his relationship with Mourinho has affected his happiness in the club and his ability to become the dominant type of display he gave against Leicester.

That came after only four days of training after his summer break.

And although left-back Luke Shaw – one of Mourinho's other aggressor boys – became the man of the competition for his first goal in the first game for United, it was the momentum, determination, influence and leadership of United. Pogba what was key to victory.

Pogba MourinhoGETTY

Pogba and Mourinho have had a tense relationship in the past

"It's three points, that's what we wanted, so I'm very happy." Of course, the performance was not the best, but it's better to start well and finish well, start well and finish badly.

"Some of us, myself included, did not have much training and we played a game.

"After 30 minutes I was out of breath and I told one of the employees to put some water on the side, but he did not, so I could not go drink.

"But it's okay, the resistance was fine, but my legs lost some power, and with luck I'll be back soon, in shape, 100% fit.

"We knew we were not going to be in shape, 100%, but the goal and the most important thing was to start the Premier League well and we did it."