‘Boycott second EU referendum’ Brexiteer Dan Hannan’s message to Leave voters

Mr. Hannan asked all members of the Brexite family to boycott a second Brexit survey if a parliamentarian succeeds in establishing a new referendum, insisting that the British have already decided the fate of the United Kingdom.

He told Al Jazeera that it showed UpFront: "A second referendum would be completely illegitimate, I would not vote for it, because we just had a referendum.

"When the British people have given a very clear mandate, and the unelected comrades and the elites then change it and undo it, we should not play that game."

His dire warning comes after former MI6 chief Sir John Sawers backed the vote of a second town.

Sir John Sawers, who was in charge of the Secret Intelligence Service for 2009-2014, insisted that Britain should support a second referendum to "cure" the Brexit division of the country.

He said: "I think that all of us, the supporters of Britain who left the EU, as well as those who argue that we should remain members, should support a second referendum."

"A national decision by referendum would at least be final and would allow us to begin to heal the divisions that have been opened over the Brexit question.

"Only a second referendum will solve the problem."

Sir John insisted that Brexit could leave the United Kingdom "weak" and vulnerable, leading to external attacks, such as poisoning by the Russian novichok.

He warned that Moscow could easily "attack Britain and abuse us because we saw ourselves as weak."

Sir John added: "Americans, to some extent, are moving away from their relationship with Europe, and we are moving away from the relationship with the European Union. The west is fragmented. "

At least 670,000 people took to the streets of London today for the popular vote march, in the largest protest against the country's Brexit since the referendum vote in 2016.

Several parliamentarians gave speeches to the crowd, declaring their support for a second vote if the motion was approved by the Government.

Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston said the protest meant that activists against Brexit "can no longer be ignored," adding that the public "should have the opportunity to see" whether a second referendum would result in a majority of the license.

The deputy from Totnes, South Devon, said: "Let people weigh the pros and cons of the real deal or not of the agreement we are addressing and then they can give their informed consent, and for me that is the key principle here. "

In a video message of support, Nicola Sturgeon, the prime minister of Scotland, said: "Let me say this loud and clear, if the problem comes before the House of Commons, the SNP parliamentarians will support a popular vote that includes the option to remain in the EU ".