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Claire Fox, director of the Academy of Ideas, urged Prime Minister Theresa May to abandon the Brexit negotiations, as it is the only way to secure an agreement with the EU.

After the Brussels summit this week, the Prime Minister was optimistic that an agreement could still be reached with Brexit, despite EU leaders rejecting the November summit until "decisive progress" is achieved in the negotiations.

Ms. May also said that the transition period could be extended "for a matter of months", but only to ensure that there was no hard border in Ireland if it was impossible to implement the future partnership by the end of 2020.

Speaking at the BBC Any questions? the writer Fox insisted that Britain should now move away from the negotiations.

She said: "Growing up as a Catholic, I was always terrified by purgatory, then I thought it was not true and now I'm going to live it."

"This is a kind of permanent limbo, it is the horror of all horrors. A deal in these terms is not Brexit.

"No one who has voted for Brexit wants this transition, will continue and follow, so it is one thing to say."

He added: "I think we should get away now, it's not that I like an agreement, I just think that to be able to offer Brexit is necessary.

"When the vote was held, several colleagues told me" the Claire establishment will never allow the Brexit to take place. "I thought they were being hyperbolic, and now I think it's true.

"I think everything has been done to ensure Brexit has no meaning at the end.

"Basically, they're not going to deliver Brexit, the only way we're going to get Brexit is if we move away."

"I think, of course, we do not have anyone who is brave enough to do it, other than the people.

"Politicians have squandered two years, they have done everything possible to take advantage of the wonderful and glorious democratic opportunity to boost the economy, to have a democratic conversation. The largest democratic vote that this country has seen in the world, in fact.

"People who had never voted before, involved in politics, these people who are now being kidnapped by this demonstration tomorrow, we had a massive democratic mandate and it is so powerful that it has to use the rhetoric that we use."

The BBC panel was asked about the Brexit transition period after Ms. May warned that the period could be extended after the EU summit this week.

The problem of the Irish border remains an important point in the negotiations with Mrs May, who has already categorically rejected the support agreement proposed by the EU, which would effectively place a border in the middle of the Irish Sea.

Although no progress was made at this week's Brussels summit, Ms. May remains optimistic that an agreement can still be reached.

Speaking to reporters after the summit, Ms. May said: "What I've had from the leaders around the table in the last hours … since I arrived in Brussels yesterday, it's a very real feeling that people he wants the deal made. " And I think if you look at some of the comments that have been made, Chancellor Merkel said that there is usually a will far."

On Saturday, hundreds and thousands of people are expected to march in London to demand a popular vote.

The main supporters of Brexit have said that the march is an "insult to democracy" with Those that remain Trying to reject the decision made during the 2016 referendum.