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A condemnatory report accused politicians of being under an "illusion" that being in the EU Single Market is so vital to the United Kingdom that its principles must be preserved after Brexit.

A vision that Theresa May could agree with the ministers at her Damas residence in July would see the United Kingdom and the EU observe a "common rules book" for the goods trade.

That effectively amounts to staying in the single market, leaving Britain bound to obey the rules over which it has no voice and at the same time hampering our ability to make new trade agreements around the world, warned a report of the group of experts pro-Brexit Global Britain.

"In addition, there is a risk of permanently blocking the United Kingdom in the bloc of lower growth, with a higher regulatory burden and low performance."

The report has a preface from the former Conservative Trade Secretary, Peter, now Lord Lilley, who declared: "It is an illusion that membership of the Single Market has been an irreplaceable benefit for British manufacturers, since the evidence shows that they export relatively much better out of it.

"The most frightening aspect of Checkers is that it commits the United Kingdom to accept all future rules.

"However, Britain is particularly strong in emerging industries such as biotechnology, cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence and genetic engineering, where no rules have yet been established.

"It would be an act of self-harm to allow those standards to be made by countries that lack such industries and often apply extreme versions of the precautionary principle that restrains new developments."

The report says that the single market is disadvantageous for Britain because it is so focused on the trade of goods where the UK is relatively weak compared to its rivals such as France and Germany, and does not facilitate trade in services, where we are strong.

They stress that countries do not have to be in the single market to trade with it.

The figures also show that exports from the United Kingdom to non-EU countries grew three times faster than those from the Single Market countries between 1993 and 2015, and Britain has a surplus with the United States, but it has a large deficit with the EU

The authors say that Britain should "throw the ladies" and seek a free trade agreement in the style of Canada with the EU.

"Brexit offers a unique opportunity to restart trade in the United Kingdom and opportunities for prosperity in the United Kingdom by taking back control of trade policy," they wrote.

"Brexit is not a panacea in itself, it will be a success if we can adopt the right micro and macroeconomic policies and business relationships.

"History will judge a failure if we do not".

The director of Global Britain, Ewen Stewart, who co-wrote the report with former Scottish Parliament member Brian Monteith, added: "While the Ladies Plan uses words that sound innocuous as' the common rules book & # 39; , the legal text is very clear that the United Kingdom will be bound by the EU rules without any opinion in its framing

"It is not an association of equals.

"Checkers is the Single Market in everything but name and abandons any pretense of regaining control by re-establishing regulations.

"It does not deliver the result of the referendum and it breaks the commitments of the manifesto of the conservative and labor parties.

"Membership in the Single Market has a net price of 10 billion pounds per year, but it places all companies under its rules, regardless of whether they are exporters or not.

"Trade according to the rules of the World Trade Organization to the United States is done without costs or internal controls in the United Kingdom.

"Countries that have free trade agreements with the EU do not have to contribute to their budget or their laws are decided by foreign politicians."