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John Longworth, co-president of Leave Means Leave, discussed the march of the popular vote with Gina Miller, as hundreds and thousands of people are expected to travel to London to demand another Brexit vote.

However, the Brexit supporter did not wait during the debate and left the conversation after explaining his point.

He told LBC: "There is a lot of anger among the people who voted on Leave, because what the people of the losers vote is trying to do here, because only the losers in the last referendum who want another vote, is To reverse the democratic will of the people.

"Another referendum would be so decisive for Britain, it would be catastrophic and cause a problem much greater than anything that could happen economically for the UK."

"People would lose faith in the system and this is no longer a Brexit issue, it's a matter of democracy."

The activist against Brexit, who won a case before the High Court against the Government for the participation of the Parliament in the Brexit, intervened to affirm that the United Kingdom was currently being neglected by the Parliament.

Miller said: "Brexit was the last straw among many things, political negligence that has happened between successive governments, this does not happen overnight, and I think it has to be solved.

"No matter what happens next time, I think we have to draw a line below this and return to our country.

"We have a zombie parliament that is not doing anything other than Brexit, our country and the people in it are being neglected."

The host of LBC, Andrew Castle, intervened saying "we must leave it at that point", before revealing that Mr. Longworth had hung up the phone.

The host said: "John Longworth has gone sadly, I was going to ask him another question."

The march will take place in the capital, in Park Lane, around noon and will end in the Parliament Square.

Speeches by prominent supporters of a Popular Vote will be heard near the Parliament Square around 2 pm.

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has already tweeted his support for the march in London on Saturday after joining the Popular Voting campaign to demand another opinion when leaving the EU.

On Friday night, he tweeted: "Tomorrow, I will join people from all corners of our country to demand that Britons have the last word on Brexit." There is nothing more democratic than trusting people to have the last word. about our future. "

The People's Vote campaign claims that "the majority of the public supports a popular vote and a final word on the Brexit agreement."

In a statement on its website it reads: "Whether you voted for a license or stay, no one voted to make the situation in this country worse, harm jobs, damage the NHS, affect the future of millions of young people or make this country is more divided.

"The clearer the form of the final agreement with Brexit, the clearer it will be that it will not do anything to improve social justice, reduce inequality, increase our standard of living or create a better future for future generations."

Brexit that supports the conservative deputies has criticized the march alleging Those that remain they are simply trying to re-run the EU 2016 referendum.

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, has already ruled out another vote to leave the European Union.

Speaking at the Conservative Party conference earlier this month, the Prime Minister attacked "prominent people" who want to stop Brexit.

Ms. May said: "There are a lot of prominent people in British politics, in parliament and outside it, who want to stop Brexit.

"Their last plan is to call a second referendum, they call it a popular vote, but we had a popular vote and the people decided to leave."