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New York’s new One Vanderbilt skyscraper is evacuated after a ‘huge SHAKE’ went through it


Terrified workers flee New York’s new One Vanderbilt skyscraper after a ‘huge SHAKE’ tore through the interior of the 93-story tower

  • Office workers claim floors 14, 51 and 60 shook dramatically
  • It is not clear what may have caused the reported tremor; part of the staff evacuated
  • One Vanderbilt opened in September 2020 and is 90 stories tall

Terrified workers fled a massive new Manhattan skyscraper after experiencing a massive ‘shock’ that went through the building.

One Vanderbilt, which sits just above Grand Central Station in Midtown Manhattan, was hit by the tremor Tuesday afternoon.

A tweeter named Colin Ho who says he works inside said the tremor was felt on at least three floors of the 90-story tower, which opened in September 2020.

Colin wrote: ‘@one_vanderbilt huge “shake” just went through the building. it was felt on floors 14, 51 and 60. What was it??? it felt like a huge sine wave (sic) going through the building. someone else is sorry

Manhattan’s One Vanderbilt skyscraper is said to have shaken on Tuesday afternoon, prompting several workers to evacuate

Twitter user Colin Ho was among those who claimed to have felt the building shake and voluntarily evacuated as a result.

Twitter user Colin Ho was among those who claimed to have felt the building shake and voluntarily evacuated as a result.

Me and my team evacuated. strange, I haven’t seen any other tweets or news about him yet. I’m never the first at these things!

Another tweeter named Bridgette Devine shared an even scarier version of events:

She tweeted: ‘Working at #onevanderbilt today and felt like the floor dropped 5ft and continued to bounce. Evacuated to Madison Avenue and several (sic) floors report this. 13, 33 and 60. So far they say they are investigating and that “there is no cause for concern.” It’s very scary.

Those who evacuated are said to have congregated in nearby Bryant Park, though there has been no word of a mandatory evacuation of the tower.

Others responded to apparently confirm Colin’s version of events. A tweeter called Hidden Aegis said: “I was on a video conference with some colleagues. They felt the ground shake and now they are evacuating.

And a third tweeter named Pana said a friend had texted them about the same thing.

There have been no reports of injuries or damage, and it is unclear what may have caused the tremor.

One Vanderbilt is listed as one of the most dazzling new skyscrapers in Manhattan and features a three-story Summit observation deck spread across three of its top floors.

His clients include multiple leading banking, legal and technology firms.

New Yorkers have been nervous about the understandability of unexplained incidents in high-rise buildings since the September 11 attacks, when the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were destroyed by two Boeing 767s flown by Islamist terrorists.

DailyMail.com has contacted the One Vanderbilt press office for comment.

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