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New UE5 shooter Unrecord looks so realistic it’s almost spooky – WhatsNew2Day


Unrecord inspires and disturbs with highly realistic graphics.

Do you also remember the short video for this bodycam shooter, which caused a stir at the end of 2022? This actually turns into a real game called Unrecord. We have the new trailer and tell you what you can expect from the first-person shooter with the almost photo-realistic graphics.

Story shooter with awesome graphics: That’s what’s in it

On the Unrecord’s Steam store page you will find initial information about what the finished game should eventually offer – there is currently no release or early access date.

So await you here a pure single player shooter, the one with complex dialogues and difficult moral dilemmas attaches great importance to the story, which should be reminiscent of a detective novel or thriller. As a police officer, you investigate various criminal cases and have to deal with a variety of characters. The developers describe it on their website as a mixture of the story hit Firewatch and the SWAT shooter Ready Or Not.

The biggest unique selling point remains the almost photorealistic graphics and the bodycam perspective, which you can see in the trailer:

Unrecord: Trailer for the most photorealistic shooter you've ever seen

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Unrecord: Trailer for the most photorealistic shooter you’ve ever seen

The high degree of photorealism is not only achieved here through the realistic lighting, various video effects such as interlacing and bloom and the bodycam perspective. Also thanks to the free movement of your character’s hands, which innovative target system are achieved, immersion should set in.

On social media, many players are excited about the new trailer and report in rowsthat they find it difficult to distinguish between play and reality:

  • This is the only game I’ve ever seen that boggles my brain so much I think it’s real
  • The dark scene at 1:07 and the scene with the guy at the end are the only moments where I can clearly tell it’s a game. Everything else looks oddly realistic. Kudos to the developer!
  • Halfway through I forgot this is a game trailer. It looks so real

Our editor Peter feels the same way – and that worries him:

He feels reminded of videos of real police operations and fears that the new technologies used in Unrecord could be misused. A Postal-style shooter where you play a gunman, or the infamous Mission No Russian from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 would definitely cause scandals with this bodycam perspective.

how do you see it? Are you enthusiastic about Unrecord or do you find this high degree of photorealism rather strange? Write it to us in the comments.

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