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New survival game with open world has just been released and is based on a historical model – WhatsNew2Day


Who doesn’t want to stay young forever? The protagonist of Survival: Fountain of Youth seems to have no desire to grow old. In the game you are looking for the fountain of youth, or the source of eternal youth. For today’s Early Access release, we’re going to give you a brief overview of the game.

What is Fountain of Youth?

The survival game lets you explore an open Caribbean island world that is deserted but full of dangerous animals. While you are left empty-handed at the beginning, you gradually gather resources to build tools and weapons, a shelter and later even rafts and entire ships. With the latter you then also break out to the other islands of the archipelago.

Of course, with all this you have to – as usual for survival games – get enough food and water, as well as protect yourself from diseases and the weather conditions. The trailer already shows what dangers await you:

Fountain of Youth: In the survival game you go in search of a legend

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Fountain of Youth: In the survival game you go in search of a legend

But how did you end up here in the first place? Originally, you were part of an expedition led by conquistador Juan Ponce de León in search of the fountain of eternal youth. However, after your ship capsized in a storm, you appeared to be the only survivor washed up on the island.

You explore the islands in search of your companions and the fountain of youth, encountering the remains of an ancient civilization. Apparently, puzzles await you in the ruins of the unknown people, which you must solve in order to get closer to your goal.

Survival: Fountain of Youth – View screenshots from the Caribbean survival game

By the way: Ponce de León is actually a 16th-century historical figure. The Spaniard accompanied Columbus on his second voyage to America and also undertook his own expeditions to the New World. The fact that he was looking for the source of eternal youth is now considered a legend.

Will the game be good?

Fountain of Youth comes from a fairly unknown developer, which is why it’s hard to judge the quality of the game right now. Apparently it is quite extensive: you explore a total of 15 islands, all of which are said to be characterized by different landscapes, creatures and resources. There are also 30 animal species to discover.

On the other hand, it is unclear how big the individual islands are, how crafting and base building work and how long the story of Fountain of Youth has occupied you.

What do you think of Survival: Fountain of Youth? Are you happy about the scenario and the probably quite large world? Or don’t you see anything exciting about the title? Feel free to write it in the comments!

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