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New Street Fighter 6 fighters.. Here are the best characters to start with | -WhatsNew2Day


Street Fighter 6 was released a few days ago, while the game received high ratings and great satisfaction from critics and fans of the series. Now many are looking to enter the world of fighting games, and this may be the perfect choice for that. But the question remains for many new players, which character or characters can I start with?

Here, in this interesting and quick report, we will put your hand on a number of characters that you can start with as a new player in the world of street fighting. These characters were carefully selected in order to help new players learn quickly and get acquainted with the basics of the game in order to become professional with other characters in the future.

Luke fighter..

This is the first appearance of fighter Luke in the fighting game series through Street Fighter 6. It’s good to have this character that was established to be easy and accessible to new players. Especially since it has a variety of fighting moves, as if it were taken from the original fighters of the series.

Luke has easy-to-apply combat moves that can greatly affect the course of the fight, such as close combat moves and his special moves such as Sandblast, Rising Uppercut, and others.

Stubborn Juri returns to Street Fighter 6

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Gore is a new fighter in the fighting game series, and perhaps her proficiency played a big role in her joining to be a part of this long-running battle. Thanks to the high range of her attacks, Juri has the perfect balance between attacking speed and performing slow attacks like Saihasho’s long-range strike.

Fhajin’s special moves allow you to boost the speed and power of the other attacks that make up the wide range of moves. In other words, Juri is one of the most suitable characters to get into Street Fighter 6 in the best way possible.

Veteran Ryu

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Veteran fighter Ryo is one of the main characters in the series, as he is one of the first characters to appear in the game 30 years ago. He has many abilities that both new and seasoned players can take advantage of and establish themselves in the world of street fighting.

His prowess with the iconic Hadoken and Shoryuken moves are just part of his versatile move set for all situations and all players.

American Guile in Street Fighter 6

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Guile is also one of the veteran characters in the series, although he does not have many fighting moves, as is the case with the rest of the characters that we talked about in this report. However, the limitations of these movements make the players focus on developing their abilities by focusing on using these movements professionally and implementing them at the appropriate time and place.

Unlike most fighters in Street Fighter 6, Guile’s style is about getting as far away from your opponent as possible. While her special moves will take some time to recharge and execute, this character provides a relatively easy entry into the world of fighting games.

Ken… another veteran

Street Fighter 6 |  digitalfoundry

The parallel version of Ryu, who is one of the veteran characters that have appeared in the series since its appearance, is here again.

Ken is actually an outstanding fighting character as he masters different styles of fighting moves, especially for those who focus more on landing a large number of blows to the opponent. This is thanks to the presence of quick moves such as Quick Dash or Jinrai Kick that allow you to reduce the distance with your opponent and pounce on him with a final blow.

These five characters are among the best characters in the game Street Fighter 6 For beginners who are reluctant to enter the atmosphere of street fighting games.

Street Fighter 6 is now available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. You can find our review and rating of the game here.

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