New South Wales still in drought despite heavy rains

<pre><pre>New South Wales still in drought despite heavy rains

Recent rains have been welcome in parts of New South Wales, but it is not enough to give drought-affected farmers the rest they need.

Nearly 100 percent of the state is still affected by the drought with up to 30 percent affected by drought, 54 percent in drought and 16 percent in an intense drought, says the seasonal update of the Department of Industries Primary of August.

For farmers affected by the drought in parts of New South Wales, recent rains are not enough.


The plateaus of the north, the north coast, the center west and the central plateaus experienced some pardon with significant rains in August, but it was not enough to give the most affected parts of New South Wales a significant rest, says the DPI.

The latest update, published on Friday, said that although the rain was positive, the agricultural recovery takes months.

Areas of concern include western NSW, the central west and the northwest with some of these areas experiencing drought conditions for more than a year.

Additional rainfall in September could cause some regions to begin to recover from dry conditions, says DIP.

But, the Bureau of Meteorology forecasts warmer and drier conditions for spring, which could see further intensification of drought conditions.

Not all of this is bad news, as the state's irrigation and hydroelectric water reserves reap the benefits of the very high August rainfall in the southern alpine region.

The gusts of rain are a "very positive sign" for agriculture and the management of water resources in southern New South Wales, said the DPI.

In the July update of the DIP, up to 48% of New South Wales was affected by the drought, 37% suffered a drought and 15% experienced a severe drought.