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New shooter from EA: We have perhaps never seen such heavy system requirements – WhatsNew2Day


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6 minutes in magic shooter Immortals of Aveum: fights, puzzles, upgrades in detail

The Unreal Engine 5 has caused amazement in many tech demos, but hardly in finished games. That should change based on UE 5.1 ​​at the end of July when the new EA shooter Immortals of Aveum appears. However, you need very fast hardware to be able to enjoy the title.

The official system requirements are so high that we can’t think of any other title that would make such heavy demands on your hardware. Feel free to write in the comments if yours is different. The above gameplay video shows you how good the shooter looks.

The minimum requirements refer to playing at 60 FPS, while many other titles only aim for 30 FPS (if there is such a specification at all). However, that is true according to the blog entry of the developers only for low to medium details in Full HD:

Immortals of Aveum minimum system requirements

Settings Full HD @ 60 FPS (low to medium details)
graphic card RTX 2080 Super / RX 5700 XT (8 GB VRAM each)
processor Core i7 9700 / Ryzen 7 3700X
random access memory 16.0 GB
disk 110 GB (SSD strongly recommended)

Although both the RTX 2080 Super and the RX 5700 XT are older graphics cards from 2019, they still have a lot of GPU performance to offer, as well as their quite high classification in our 16 performance classes for current and older graphics cards shows:

Graphics cards 2023 in comparison: Over 75 GPUs in the large performance ranking

In most cases it is not a problem for these GPUs to display Full HD in maximum details with 60 FPS and more. Sometimes they also have enough air for the higher WQHD resolution. Should it be this resolution in the case of Immortals of Aveum, the requirements increase again sharply:

Recommended system requirements of Immortals of Aveum

Settings WQHD @ 60 FPS (medium to high details)
graphic card RTX 3080 Ti (12GB VRAM) / RX 6800 XT (16GB VRAM)
processor Core i7 12700 / Ryzen 7 5700X
random access memory 16.0 GB
disk 110 GB (SSD strongly recommended)

Despite RTX 3080 Ti and Radeon RX 6800 XT here is still only We’re talking about medium to high details. If you want to enjoy maximum details in this resolution or even with 4K resolution, you need an even faster GPU from the first three performance classes in our ranking linked above.

The developers have therefore decided to do so, in terms of technology, including UE5 features such as Lumen and Nanite all in to go. You can find out more about these functions in the article Unreal Engine 5 – All about technology, nanites and lumens. Chief Technology Officer Mark Maratea describes their decision as follows:

You can see in other fantasy games that they held back on some details because it wasn’t practical. We have chosen not to be practical. But to make all of this possible, we had to make the difficult decision not to support older graphics cards and the previous generation of consoles.

From our point of view, two things are ultimately decisive with regard to the system requirements of a game: On the one hand, that the information is realistic. And on the other hand, that they are also appropriate considering the look and technology of the game. By July 20 at the latest, we can see for ourselves how Immortals of Avenum is doing.

What are your thoughts on the Immortals of Avenum system requirements? Totally alright considering what we’ve seen of the game so far? Unexpectedly and also unsatisfactorily high? Or do you have a different opinion about it? Let us know in the comments. The same applies to the question of whether you are interested in the title at all thematically and playfully – we are curious!

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