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New Samsung Z Flip 5 leak highlights a gloriously big cover screen


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 leaks and rumors have all pointed to a larger cover screen on the upcoming phone, as well a new purported view published by MySlimPrice continues the trend. The image shows the Z Flip 5 with a wonderfully large cover screen, which is exactly what we want. And by we I mean me personally. I want this.

The outer screen of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 measures just 1.9 inches. It’s fine for checking the weather and reading notifications, but its small size limits the kind of actions you can take with it, such as typing out responses to texts. It’s also not ideal for shooting selfies with the outer cameras – one of the benefits of a flip-style phone – as the preview image is literally the size of a postage stamp. I checked.

That seems to be changing with the Z Flip 5, and just in time: the Motorola Razr Plus is here and comes with a relatively gargantuan 3.6-inch display. During my brief hands-on time previewing the device, I used the screen to run Google Maps, type out texts, and even browse websites. It’s infinitely more capable than a small screen.

It’s not just about hardware, though. There are many tricky software problems to solve with a large cover screen. Do you just let people run any old app on it, even if it breaks the app’s functionality? How do you handle the transfer between the big and small screen? What do you do with the camera lenses? Samsung seems to be taking a different approach to Motorola in the latter way, at least shaping the screen to avoid the cameras rather than letting it flow all the way around it. It will be very interesting to see how their approaches to these other software challenges also differ.

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