Senator Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts

New poll claims that Elizabeth Warren is bound to Joe Biden on the eve of the democratic presidential debate because they both get 26 percent of voters from registered parties – and a second brings her to a moving distance

  • Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren introduced a new poll
  • In an Economist / YouGov survey published Wednesday, 26 percent of registered democratic voters said they would vote for Biden and Warren
  • This is an ongoing trend in Biden that is declining in its leader status
  • In a CNN survey on Wednesday, he fell from 29 percent in August to 24 percent now
  • The new figures come Thursday evening for the third round of primary democratic debates in Houston, Texas
  • Only 10 out of 20 candidates allowed qualified to take the debate stage
  • Biden was previously unassailable, but several recent polls show that he is losing national steam

Joe Biden loses steam prior to the third primary debates, because the same number of registered democratic voters in a poll said Wednesday that they would vote for Elizabeth Warren as Biden.

In a new one Economist / YouGov survey Warren sailed past Bernie Sanders, who usually held the No. 2 position behind the former vice president, and tied Biden with 26 percent support.

This poll marks one of the few times that Biden has lost its leader status.

At the end of August, a Monmouth University opinion poll brought forward progressive Warren and Sanders with 20 percent each and Biden with 19 percent.


The new poll has given Sanders a full 10 points behind its top-tier competitors with 16 percent.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts

Former vice president Joe Biden

Former vice president Joe Biden

A poll on Wednesday shows Elizabeth Warren (left) and Joe Biden (right) in an impasse – both with 26 percent support from registered democratic voters

Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg – who regularly fall in the top five – came in third with 6 percent.

All other contenders who wanted to eliminate Donald Trump in 2020 earned between 0-2 percent.

CNNThe latest poll, also published on Wednesday, shows that Biden among likely Democratic primary voters is falling from 29 percent in August to 24 percent now – but that poll still led him to the 20-pack.


Warren and Sanders both saw an increase in the CNN poll last month.

Warren became second – 6 points behind Biden – with 18 percent, and the independent senator from Vermont a nearly third with 17 percent compared to his 15 percent last month

The new songs come on the evening of the third round of the democratic primary debates, where 10 candidates are ready to take the stage in Houston, Texas Thursday night.

This time, only half the number of candidates qualified as the 20 who entered the podium for the June, Miami, Florida and July in Detroit, Michigan debates.

To qualify for Thursday's debate, candidates had to collect 130,000 unique donors, double the amount needed to qualify for debates earlier this summer. They also had to earn at least 2 percent in at least four polls approved by the Democratic National Commission, compared to 1 percent in three polls for June and July.


It seems that Harris lost her boost after the debate – where she fell directly behind Biden in one poll where she earned 20 percent of his 22 percent.

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