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New PlayStation Plus PS1 Games Have Old CRT Filter

Sony’s revamped PlayStation Plus subscription service will launch next month with access to a number of original PlayStation games, and new details have emerged about how authentic these titles will look.

As seen on user Resetera brokenwiftieIn the screenshots from , games can be played in multiple aspect ratios (4:3, 16:9, native, and stretched), plus there will be three filters to choose from: Default, Retro Classic, and Modern. For purists, the retro classic will deliver an authentic 1990s experience that replicates the CRT images on those TVs.

Abe Odysee with active CRT filter.


Other features that PS1 games will benefit from include save anywhere and rewind capabilities on select games, and at least one title, Siphon Filter, will have trophies that can be collected. Another bonus is that if you own those games digitally, you can play them on PS4 and PS5 without paying the Plus subscription fee.

So far, the PS1 game list is small and incomplete, but it does include some classics like Tekken 2, Ape Escape, and Mr. Driller in the library.

For more information on how PlayStation Plus will be renewed next month, check out our PS Plus guide. You can also get information about Ubisoft+ support for the service.

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