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New mum tells Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne Life Uncut podcast about loud sex worker next door


I am an exhausted new mom and the neighbor keeps my baby up all night with her loud sex. Is it embarrassing if I tell her to keep it quiet?

  • Mama said she couldn’t sleep
  • Asked if she should tell the neighbor to be quiet

A sleep-deprived brand new mom has revealed how she’s been kept up all night by her neighbour, a prostitute and her clients – and asked how to ask him to stop.

The anonymous mother said that her neighbor has several men visiting throughout the day and she can often hear loud spankings at night.

She said she has nothing against sex work, and that she is afraid to talk to her neighbor because the noise is due to her livelihood, but that she and her husband are “desperate for sleep.”

The mother wrote in the Life uncut podcast, where Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne read her letter.

‘Our neighbor is a sex worker. And we have a four-month-old newborn, we’re sleep deprived, exhausted, overwhelmed by all things,” Laura said.

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The anonymous mother said that her neighbor has several men visiting throughout the day and she can often hear loud spankings at night

‘We have a first name, but we don’t know her very well.

“She hasn’t told us explicitly that she’s a sex worker, just that there’s been an increase in the number of people coming to her house, and there are sex noises at all hours of the day.

So we went looking on Instagram and found her professional page. We are not prudish and have no problem with sex work. It’s just really, really, really hard.

“A lot of beating, a lot of loud moaning.

The mother asked what to do if her prostitute's neighbor was noisy

The mother asked what to do if her prostitute’s neighbor was noisy

Is prostitution legal in Australia?

Prostitution legislation is a state and territory responsibility and varies across Australia.

ACTIONBrothels are legal under the Prostitution Act 1992, but sex workers must register with the Office of Regulatory Services (ORS).

NSW: Brothels are legal in NSW under the Summary Offenses Act 1988

NT: Brothels are illegal under the Prostitution Regulation Act 2004

QLD: Brothels are legal and licensed by the Prostitution Licensing Authority

SA: Brothels are illegal in South Australia, under the Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 and the Summary Offenses Act 1953

WA: Current legislation is the Prostitution Control Act 2000. Prostitution itself is legal, but many activities associated with it, such as pimping and running brothels, are illegal.

VIC: Brothels are legal if they are registered with the state

BAG: Prostitution is legal, but it is illegal for a person to employ or otherwise control or profit from the work of individual sex workers

‘We share a common wall with our bedroom where the baby sleeps with us.

‘And the garage – where we thought some of the action takes place – is less than 10 meters from our bedroom window.

“This is a problem because on the rare occasions when we do fall asleep, we are now kept awake by the noise.

Still, it’s her job. So what can we do? Conversely, I’m sure a crying baby is probably not the best thing for her business.’


What should the new parents do?

  • Ignore the sound! 1 votes
  • Talk to their neighbor, nice! 2 votes
  • Call the police! 0 votes
  • Write an anonymous, passive-aggressive note and leave it on her doorstep. 1 votes

Brittany and Laura advised that the couple should ignore the fact that she is a sex worker and treat it like any neighbor who makes noise.

‘The crying babies kill her vibe too. And I’m sure the sexy sound ruins your mood when you’re trying to sleep and with the baby,” said Brittany.

“I think you should forget about the sex work part.

“It’s the fact that there’s someone working at home who’s obnoxiously loud, like your neighbor who’s in a band and they’re practicing drums all day or, you know, or a DJ deck trying to do the same .

“I think the only thing you can do here, other than move, which you probably don’t want to do, is take away the fact that she’s a sex worker.

“You can write a note or talk to them and maybe you can both get around it.”

The former Bachelor star added that she could ask her if there are “different hours” she could work or try adding “upholstery” to make the acoustics in the house better.

“I think you hit the nail on the head though,” Laura added.

“She can hear your baby screaming. And that’s probably just as frustrating.”

The pair then agreed that they would rather hear sex noises than a crying baby.

In Australia, sex workers are allowed to work from home as long as one sex worker works in the home.

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