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New Jersey man suing Trump resort in Florida after 'searing' pool deck cost him part of his foot


A man from New Jersey is taking legal action against the Trump International Beach Resort in Florida after enduring severe burns that caused him to lose a toe and part of his foot. The burns were caused by the extremely high temperatures of the pool deck and beach sand. Theoharis Lekas filed a lawsuit on Friday with the New York Supreme Court alleging that the resort was negligent by not having signs recommending footwear.

During his August 2022 visit, Lekas claimed the surfaces in and around the resort were ‘scorching hot’, causing devastating third-degree burns on both his feet. He also stated that his condition was further worsened due to diabetic neuropathy, causing his feet to become numb to the burning sensation.

The Trump International Beach Resort in Sunny Isles, Florida is being sued for negligence due to injuries from the pool deck

Lekas, who is now suing for unspecified damages, claims that his weekend visit ‘irrevocably and seriously impaired’ his life. His legal team estimates that the damages could be over $1 million. Though the resort is not owned by Donald Trump, the lawsuit claims that it is associated with The Trump Organization. The lawsuit blames the resort for being ‘negligent’ by failing to post warning signs or mitigate the high temperatures.

Theoharis Lekas, pictured, filed a lawsuit Friday with the New York Supreme Court claiming the burns 'irrevocably and seriously impaired' his life

Theoharis Lekas, whose foot was severely burned during his stay at the resort, is suing the Trump International Beach Resort

According to the lawsuit, Lekas suffered from bodily injury, extreme pain and suffering, mental, emotional and physical distress, loss of earnings, as well as substantial medical expenses. The legal action was filed with the Supreme Court because the damages will exceed the limits that lower courts could impose.

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