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New information about the game Phantom Blade 0. Story life and open world elements


The appearance of the hack and slash action game Phantom Blade 0 or “Zero” was one of the most striking announcements during the PlayStation main event that ended recently. It is from an independent developer S-game And coming as an exclusive title on a device on the PlayStation 5, but without specifying the date of its release.

What distinguished the game were the cinematic scenes that I enjoyed, the beautiful artistic direction, the interesting game style, and the fast pace in the fights. It is, in fact, a re-release of the game for phones that was not issued outside China, entitled Phantom Blade: Executioners, and in it you will play the role of a killer called Soul, who must reveal Find a cure for a mysterious disease within 66 days or die.

The game makes use of a semi-open world, and although the world’s aesthetic and gameplay may remind you of the Team Ninja games at first glance, the combat seems to rely more on fast-paced action like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta.

Through one of the reliable sources that we constantly report news about, and who shared some new information about this game, including that the game will have many paths in its world and some open world elements.

The idea of ​​the PlayStation 5 version was proposed for the first time during 2017, when the early concept of it appeared, and then the actual development of it began in early 2022, meaning that it is still in the early stages of development, and the life of the main story alone alone will be about 30 ~ 40 hours, which is A significant number of hours for a semi-open world game, without knowing the side missions and exploration elements.

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