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New hope for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, Andor and the High Republic


Unfortunately, for holiday reasons (Happy Easter!), we had to record this talk before the Star Wars Celebration and therefore didn’t know anything about the three new films. We’ll discuss that another time. Dimi is “looking forward” to seeing Rey again…

The fact that the plot of Star Wars: Episode 9 had more holes than a moth-infested Jawa hood should have gotten around to the Outer Rim by now. Disney is currently trying to fill these holes – partly in novels, partly in comics, partly in the series – but all of this doesn’t make us really happy yet.

Or is it? Recently, Star Wars has found new strength. “Andor” masterfully broke expectations, “The Mandalorian” has at least one interesting (side) story arc simmering, and even “The Bad Batch” occasionally manages to raise interesting topics.

And now, with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, a game is approaching that also brings new hope, after its predecessor, Fallen Order, proved that Star Wars can still produce good games.

In the podcast, Micha discusses how Star Wars will be in 2023 and what Jedi: Survivor can contribute to it with Fabiano, who just alluded to Jedi Survivor in Los Angeles, and with Dimi, who always has a few Fondorian chickens to pick when it comes to Star Wars .

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At least Fabiano brings good news, because Jedi: Survivor has impressed him – with the playful progress compared to Fallen Order, but above all with its atmosphere and a different perspective on storytelling. It becomes something more important in it, which also suits the Star Wars series well.

Apropos: Of course we also talk about our hopes for the upcoming series. Well, especially for »Ahsoka« and »The Acolyte«. Everything else is suspect to us. Or to put it more diplomatically, we’re not the target audience for everything that happens in Star Wars.

“The Acolyte” is also a good keyword, as the series will be set in the High Republic era, ie 200 years before Episode 1 and the Clone Wars. This is a very good sign for Dimi, because for him the High Republic is a Star Wars setting, which finally shows that there is a plan for it.

And this plan will also be felt in Jedi: Survivor…

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