New Crypto Trading Platform Launched by Brazil’s BTG Pactual

The largest investment bank in Latin America, BTG Pactual, which is based in Brazil, has recently announced that it would launch a crypto trading platform that would support bitcoin and ether in the beginning. Called Mynt, the platform allows clients of the bank to buy, hold, and sell bitcoin and ether. 

The Head of the Digital Assets of the company said that in the future, the company plans to increase its trading offerings and offer traders more digital assets. In addition to the trading services, the company also announced that it would offer its clients educational material to offer them the opportunity to learn more about the crypto trading market and find answers to the questions they might have while trading. 

The representative of the company announced that BTG Pactual clients will be able to access Mynt through the website of the company, as well as the application. The exact date of the Mynt launch is yet to be revealed, but it is thought to be released before the end of the year. In addition, it was also confirmed that the platform does not require approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil.

Demand for crypto services

The company announced that the main reason behind the decision to launch new services is the huge market demand for crypto trading services. The company also said that this step would put them in the pioneering stage of crypto trading in the country. The representative of the company said that crypto continues its growth as a new class of assets. He said that as the demand increases, Mynt’s establishment could further support the development of the market.

Over the past few years, the demand for cryptocurrency trading services has increased dramatically in the country. There are numerous well-known exchanges offering services to traders from the country, which makes the market even more popular. Thanks to such a high speed of market development, the interest of people in the market is increasing even further. 

Because it has become so easy to start trading cryptocurrencies in the country, more people are showing interest in it. Many of the crypto traders in the country are using automated trading robots, which makes it even easier to trade cryptocurrencies. 

Finding the best bot for trading crypto can be quite helpful for traders as it can do a lot of hard work for you. Trading bots allow investors to automate the buying and selling process according to the chosen strategy.

When it comes to analyzing the market data, there always is some kind of a limit for humans. There is only so much data a person can analyze in a short time, but, in terms of robots, there is no such limit. 

In addition, many of the trading robots are able to trade cryptocurrencies for you as well. This is a very important thing, especially for those who have regular full-time jobs and want to use crypto trading as a way of side income. By using robots, you can earn profits without having to spend hours analyzing the market. 

Because of all this, the crypto trading market demand in Brazil has increased a lot over the past few years. The interest in the market is especially high among the tech-savvy generation of the country, who are very actively involved in the crypto trading market. 

Importance of BTG Pactual’s decision

The decision of BTG Pactual to introduce the new crypto services is of great importance. This decision makes BTG Pactual the first major Brazilian financial institution to allow its clients to directly participate in the crypto trading market.

Market experts are saying that the status of the bank and it is regulated by the Brazilian Securities Commission as well as the central bank of the country will make the services of the company more credible and will further support the future development of the crypto trading market in the country.

A very interesting thing is that Mynt is not the first step of BTG Pactual in the crypto industry. Back in 2019, the bank issued its own real estate-backed security token, ReitBZ. The company spent several years examining and testing digital assets. In addition, the company had already become the first Brazilian investment bank to launch a crypto fund as it unveiled the Bitcoin 20 Multi-Market Investment Fund.

The recent decision is very important for the local crypto industry of the country, as well as for the bank itself. 

The decision will support the further development of the crypto trading market in the country and will also support BTG Pactual to become a true innovator in the country in terms of the crypto trading market. 

The step of the company comes as the interest and demand for high-quality crypto services increase in Brazil, which makes this decision very important for tech-savvy, crypto-enthusiasts in Brazil. 

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