<pre><pre>New caravans of migrants from Honduras begin their trip to the United States border |

Esquipulas, Guatemala – The exodus of Hondurans seeking refuge and opportunities in the United States continues. Small groups of Hondurans from all over the country continued to transmit to Guatemala after the initial caravan that left San Pedro Sula on October 13. The first caravan of Hondurans grew to several thousand before reaching the Mexican border with Guatemala on October 19.

The small groups began to enter Guatemala on October 18, despite greater security on the border by the Honduran and Guatemalan police. In the course of 72 hours, small groups of people grew to almost a thousand people. The migrants walked along Ruta 18 from Guatemala to Chiquimula, where they planned to rest at night before leaving for Guatemala City and the border.

On October 21, the second convoy of Honduran migrants and refugees fleeing the Central American country began the long journey to the United States as part of the migrant caravan.

Entire families picked up what they could carry and set out on their trip to the United States in search of a job and to escape insecurity. The hope of the "American dream" looms, despite threats by President Donald Trump to deploy the military on the border to prevent caravans from entering.