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New breed of sheep accidentally created at a petting zoo


Farmer Palmer’s was a working dairy farm until 25 years ago when the family decided to change and become a petting zoo.

Sandra Palmer-Snellin, the farm’s director, said: “We have a number of different types of sheep and goats here on the farm. The Valais are quite impressive sheep, with black faces and a nice thick coat.

“The Shetlands are kept in a separate pen, but one of the females must have been full of the joys of spring and very determined. It took a while for her to be noticed, so we had our suspicions.”

Hank is considerably larger and bulkier than the female and it was thought that this size difference might have concealed the ewe when it was cooped up with Hank.

Over the next few weeks, farm staff noticed that the ewe was getting bigger and her teats were becoming more prominent.

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