New automatic energy switching tool Migrate takes over the appearance of Labrador and WeFlip

Choosing our energy bills is usually a job that is pushed to the bottom of the task list.

It is therefore no wonder that a whole series of companies has emerged, offering to carry the burden for you, automatically searching the market for cheaper gas and electricity tariffs for you and making the switch for you.

The newest thing to do is Migrate, which not only offers an average saving of £ 300 for customers, but also promises to donate to a charity project AND claims that it has more suppliers to choose than the rest.

We look at how it works and whether it is better than rivals, including Gocompare & # 39; s new WeFlip and Labrador.

Migrate: the latest automatic switching tool on the block claims to provide an annual saving of £ 300

Migrate: the latest automatic switching tool on the block claims to provide an annual saving of £ 300

Why switch from energy supplier?

As soon as you arrive at the end of an energy deal with a fixed rate, you will automatically be redirected to their standard variable interest rates.

These are the most expensive of the parcel and can add hundreds of euros per year to your accounts. Yet only 30 percent of the UK switched energy supplier last year.

To ensure that you always get the best deal, the best tactic is to conduct a comparative search and switch it regularly.

The purpose of these tools is to eliminate the hassle and the manager of switching and do it for you, carry out annual or even monthly comparisons and usually switch you if you could save £ 50 or more.

You receive your energy and bills as usual from the supplier you are currently registered with.

How much could you really save?

The company claims an average saving of £ 300 per year compared to someone sitting at their provider's most expensive rate.

The amount you can save depends on when you last revised your rate or changed your energy supplier.

How does migrating work?

You can register online for free. Migrate claims that it only takes a few minutes.

It will ask for your energy consumption information as with any comparison site – you can usually find this on your energy bill or answer some questions about your house size to make an estimate.

Most of these automatic switching tools work in this way except Labrador, which offers additional options if you have a smart meter.

Instead of using your old usage figures or an estimate to calculate whether you could save by switching, Labrador is the only company that automatically gets your real-time energy consumption from your smart meter.

You then move migration automatically once a year. If prices change in the meantime, it will contact you if you can save a significant amount elsewhere.

You can choose whether you switch to green rates only, with the best customer service or only larger suppliers.

Is Migrate offering something else?

Handy dashboard: with migration you can update your usage figures at any time

Handy dashboard: with migration you can update your usage figures at any time

Handy dashboard: with migration you can update your usage figures at any time

With these automatic switching tools you can only switch to a supplier with whom they have both a relationship and an active link.

Most claim relationships with some fifty energy suppliers, although the number of active switch deals is usually lower.

The number of available rates that these companies can change daily from day to day depends on factors such as the type of meter you are going to, the area in which you live and availability.

Some vendors only offer certain rates only through some partners or there may be restrictions on the total number of people that can be signed up for certain deals, which affects the number of deals that customers have available at any time.

Co-founder from Migrate, George Chalmers, claims to offer one of the largest selections from suppliers that it can actively offer deals thanks to a cooperation with Energyhelpline.

This is the same service as used by rival automatic switchover tool Labrador and Compare the Market.

As an extra incentive, the Migrate also pays £ 10 per customer to donate to charity when you sign up.

Chalmers says: "Comparable with price comparison sites, we get a small commission every time we change person. This allows us to give £ 10 for each log-in to projects you care about, from improving your local park to combating climate change.

& # 39; Over time, users are given the choice of where the money is going. We think that's very important. We do not work with specific charities because we will sponsor local projects, grassroots and community projects.

& # 39; For the time being, we first build up the Migrate fund and we sponsor projects that our members must vote for. & # 39;

Which is the best energy switching service?

Firstly, if you know that you go through your energy tariff at the end of your contract and carry out a comparison, chances are that you do not need an automatic switching tool.

But with millions of households on the most expensive contracts out of their vendor's agreement, this could mean saving huge amounts for those who continue to make price comparisons down their priority list.

Ultimately, the best tool is probably one that offers the largest selection of suppliers for maximum savings. You will also want to consider how often you really want to switch.

Flipper, for example, says it will move you when you can save £ 50 or more by checking the rates once a month, Look After My Bills is the same.

Labrador moves you up to three times a year and only if you save £ 80 a year by doing so.

The last factor should of course be whether the service is free or requires a fee.

WeFlip, Look After My Bills, Labrador, Switchcraft and Migrate are all free – make money in commission from vendors themselves.

Switchd and Flipper are the only ones that ask for a fee. Flipper claims a higher saving of up to £ 385 per year for its £ 25 annual fee. And Switchd offers even higher savings for £ 405 per year. It costs £ 1.99 per month and seeks rates daily.