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New accusation of sexual harassment of the Mexican singer Melisa Galindo against Kalimba

MEXICO — The Mexican singer Melisa Galindo, declared on social networks that she suffered sexual harassment and improper touching by the singer Kalimba, who in the past was accused of having abused a minor after one of his concerts.

Galindo took out his social networks to talk about the subject, since the alleged abuse was repeated on at least two occasions. The interpreter confessed that the events occurred more than three years ago when she received the singer’s invitation to be part of her record label and record an album of hers, something that she lasted.

After signing the contract, the interpreter of “Tocando fondo” the invitation to the city of Monterrey to open one of his shows; When the show ended, part of the production went to dinner when the initiative to go to a party came up, but she preferred to go to the hotel to rest, so they left her in a van, when the first harassment happened.

The singer recorded that she had not drunk too much and he was already very drunk. Melissa sat behind the passenger seat and he next to her, touched her knee and told her that he had heard great things about her and her project and that he was very excited about it.

“Suddenly I felt that something touched my vagina, that is, his hand ran up my vagina and it was like I went into shock, I closed (my legs), but I didn’t say anything, maybe it was unintentional so that I make a mess , I am with his people, with his team, not even in the case of making a mess ”, recorded the singer.

I add that the member of OV7 he stopped looking for her, because she started dating one of his dancers. Once she ended her relationship with the dancer, she remembered that she had several missed calls from Kalimba and her manager, who was also managing Melissa’s career.

According to the story, that day of the calls they asked her out, but Kalimba and the manager had drunk too much so she refused. Despite this, they were present at her house and to get them out of there, she left and went to the singer-songwriter’s house and it was where he touched her improperly again, to which she preferred to go home.

“I sat on the stairs to ask for the Uber and he approaches to talk seriously and tells me: ‘how delicious we kissed you and I, I got very horny.’ And I: ‘I’ve never kissed you’. He had invited me to be in a video of him as an actress, but that was before she signed on.

“(Then I told her:) ‘I, Melissa, never kissed you, the actress kissed you. And she started to tell me: ‘let’s go upstairs to a co ** ta quickly, nobody is going to find out I’m black as you like’. (I replied): “Are you serious? Tell me you’re kidding,” added Galindo, who at that time terminated his employment contract with Kalimba.

Although Galindo said that her story was an invitation for other women to raise their voices, she did not specify if she will make the corresponding complaint to the authorities.

In the past, Kalimba was legally sued more than 13 years ago by a minor, who said she had suffered sexual abuse by the interpreter, who allegedly forced her to have sex without her consent, and although an arrest warrant was issued in against her, she was released due to the inconsistencies in the statements of the young woman and the facts.

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