New 10.2-inch iPad: Apple unveils its new entry-level iPad

Apple today announced a surprising product during its typical event on the iPhone and Apple Watch: a new iPad. The device is a 10.2-inch version of the company's tablet, which is introduced at the entry level as a replacement for the 9.7-inch iPad of $ 329, as previously claimed in recent months. It is officially the first iPad of the seventh generation, Apple VP Greg "Joz" Joswiak said on stage today.

We knew that a lot of new iPad models could come this year, thanks to registrations, analyst notes and news reports, and leaks dating out as already in March this year. But it was largely believed that the tablet announcements would take place in the usual October period for Apple's annual iPad event, as the company usually sticks to phones and smartwatches, as well as the software updates and accessories for those devices, during the big September.

This time it doesn't seem to be the case. The new seventh generation iPad is compatible with the full-sized smart keyboard and comes with the A10 Fusion chip. That is slightly less powerful than the A10X Fusion chip in the second generation iPad Pro, but still quite powerful for an entry-level tablet. Apple also says that the case of this iPad is made from 100% recycled aluminum for the first time.

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