‘Never say never about Boris Johnson’: Former Prime Minister may yet find a way back to No. 10

‘I’d never say never about Boris Johnson’: Former prime minister may yet find a way back to number 10, despite leaving in shame, former aide says

  • Boris Johnson could return to Downing Street, former aide Lord Udny-Lister said
  • It comes as Rishi Sunak is floundering in the polls, some 25 percent behind Labour
  • A Times poll found that seven in ten believe he will not be prime minister after the next election

Boris Johnson could find a way to become prime minister again, a former aide claimed today.

Lord Udny-Lister said he would never rule out a comeback from Johnson, who was removed from power last September after three years.

It comes as Rishi Sunak flounders in the polls, with the Tories up to 25 percent behind Labour. A poll found that only 27 percent of voters believe he has done well since becoming prime minister in October.

And seven in 10 believe he will not be prime minister after the next election, according to the poll for The Times.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson straightens his tie as he arrives at Parliament with Sir Edward Lister, his chief of staff

Lord Udny-Lister Predicts Boris Johnson May Return To Power

Lord Udny-Lister predicts Boris Johnson may return to power

Lord Udny-Lister, who worked with Mr Johnson in No10 for many years and when he was Mayor of London, said: ‘I would never say never about Boris Johnson…because I think he has such amazing skills. And I think there’s a way back for him.’ He told LBC radio station that Mr Sunak could win the next general election – scheduled for 2024 – but warned: “The road to victory is very narrow.

“I think it’s going to be very difficult for him, he’s not Boris Johnson. He can’t go out and tell the story like Boris Johnson could.’

He praised Mr Johnson as ‘probably the best campaigner we’ve ever seen’ and added: ‘Rishi Sunak doesn’t have those skills, but what he has – and I’ve seen him at work – is that he’s a very analytical person is. man, who does go through things in detail, is very careful, is going to do the right thing.’

He stressed: “We have a prime minister who is really the chief financial officer rather than the chief executive… can Rishi Sunak make the switch now? Can he really go out and tell the story?’

Meanwhile, Mr. Johnson was asked about his political future in an interview with ABC News Live. He said, ‘Never say never in politics. But the reality is that I live a happy productive life.

“I have two books to write – and if you ask me what my passion is right now, making sure we… help the Ukrainians.”

Again pressed to his future, he added, “I’m banging on my computer… You know how it is – books don’t write themselves.”

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