Nevada law enforcement officials rescue stranded donkey from a mining hole in dramatic video

A dramatic video shows the moments when agents from a Nevada law enforcement agency had to perform a rescue mission on a donkey trapped in a mine shaft.

The rescue occurred on Thursday, December 1, around 1 p.m., in a rural area outside of Rhyolite, Nevada, a ghost town about 10 miles east of the California border.

According to officials with the Nye County Sheriff’s Office, a hiker had called to report a feral burro trapped in a hole in an abandoned mine.

“Captain Boruchowitz led a rescue team with a deputy and two animal control officers,” an agency official said in a video news release.

Rescuers didn’t hesitate to jump into action and save a donkey stranded in an old mining tunnel in Nye County, Nevada.

The Group Used A System Of Ropes And Pulleys To Pull The Donkey Out Of The Hole.

The group used a system of ropes and pulleys to pull the donkey out of the hole.

Upon arrival, the agents discovered that the mine tunnel entrance was at the top of a mountain range and said that the landscape made it “difficult to reach with any vehicle”.

Law enforcement officials were forced to ‘traverse rough terrain’ to save the animal, located in a 10ft hole inside the entrance to the old mining tunnel.

When rescuers finally reached the spot where the donkey was trapped, they found the animal was responsive but starving and dehydrated. The animal seemed to be in good condition, otherwise.

The group was able to use a rope and harness to properly secure the animal before attempting to remove it.

The Beatty Fire Department was called and rescuers were able to use a pulley system to lift the donkey while it was harnessed.

In all, the rescue took “several hours,” according to the agency, and was ultimately “successful.”

The Entrance To The Mining Tunnel Was Located At The Top Of A Mountain Range, Which Required The Group Of Officers To Walk To The Top.

The entrance to the mining tunnel was located at the top of a mountain range, which required the group of officers to walk to the top.

The Rugged Terrain Made It Impossible For Vehicles To Reach The Tunnel Entrance Where The Donkey Was Said To Be Stranded.

The rugged terrain made it impossible for vehicles to reach the tunnel entrance where the donkey was said to be stranded.

The donkey was finally saved just before 6 p.m. Thursday, an official with the Nye County Sheriff’s Office said.

Once pulled out of the hole, the donkey wasted no time in ‘running off’.

The animal appeared to be unharmed from the incident.

Right now, law enforcement is working to close the entrance to the mining tunnel to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

The Donkey Ran Off And Appeared To Be Unharmed After Being Pulled Out Of The Hole.

The donkey ran off and appeared to be unharmed after being pulled out of the hole.

“We’re working now, trying to close that entrance so that doesn’t happen again,” Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly said.

The sheriff thanked her crew and others involved for their “extraordinary effort” when it came to saving the life of an innocent animal.

“I want to thank everyone for their extraordinary effort, climbing a mountain, going down a mine shaft and saving that poor little animal that was in a 10-foot hold,” Wehrly said.

‘It really makes me feel good to see people work together and complete a task. And it feels so good to send a little animal their way,” he continued.

The Entrance To The Mine Shaft Will Be Closed To Prevent Future Incidents, Authorities Said.

The entrance to the mine shaft will be closed to prevent future incidents, authorities said.

The group also received high praise on social media for their efforts. Video posted on your Facebook The page has been viewed more than 4,500 times.

Their post also received hundreds of likes and dozens of comments from residents thanking them for their actions.

‘That is incredible! Thanks to everyone who helped with the rescue! You are all angels,’ wrote one person.

‘I love this! Thank you for saving that poor donkey,’ wrote another, using the Spanish word for donkey.

‘Outstanding!!! Bless everyone involved in the rescue. Shout to the walker!!’ said another Facebook user.

Commenters On The Nye County Sheriff'S Office Facebook Page Were Quick To Thank Them For Their Actions When It Came To Saving The Stranded Animal.

Commenters on the Nye County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page were quick to thank them for their actions when it came to saving the stranded animal.

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