Netflix’s new trailer for Arcane, the upcoming League of Legends series, reveals the November 6 premiere date

Netflix has been released a new trailer for Arcane, the upcoming series based on the League of Legends universe, and also revealed when the show will premiere: November 6. But you can’t see everything Arcane on that day, as Netflix plans to release the season in three separate “acts,” each consisting of three episodes to be released a week after the last. That means the first act will be out on November 6, the next on November 13, and the last on November 20.

Arcane however, was first announced in 2019 League of Legends developer Riot Games has postponed the series until 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In May, news came that Netflix had picked up the show and that it would debut in the fall.

Earlier this week, Netflix and Riot revealed some of Arcanes voice cast. That list is head by Hailee Steinfeld, who you may recognize as Emily Dickinson in Apple TV Plus’ Dickinson and Kate Bishop in the upcoming Disney Plus series hawkeye. In Arcane, Steinfeld plays Vi, one of League of Legendsplayable champions.

Arcane is Riot’s latest expansion of the League of Legends franchise, which includes a mobile spin-off, a board game, and comic books. It is also the latest video game series to hit Netflix alongside other franchises such as The Witcher and pokemon.