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Netflix is making it easier to give a show a thumbs-up when you’re watching on mobile


Netflix is ​​adding a way to give a thumbs up, double thumbs up, or thumbs down to a show or movie while watching it on your mobile device, which could give you an easier way to teach the service’s algorithms. broadcast about your viewing preferences.

With this new change, when you tap the screen while watching something, you’ll see the three different thumb buttons in addition to the options you may be familiar with (such as buttons to skip forward/back and change the speed of a video).

The new thumb buttons will be available Monday on iOS and “later” on Android, according to spokesman Layal Brown. (Brown “had no other details to share” when I asked him for an Android release time frame.) And if you want to rate a video when you’re not actively viewing it on mobile, you can still do so from a show or movie details screen.

Netflix went from a star system to a thumbs-up system in 2017. It added double thumbs-up in 2022 as a way for users to underscore that they really love what they’re watching.

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