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Netflix is ​​developing AAA multiplatform game and is bringing a developer legend on board – WhatsNew2Day


Whether we can expect a character as iconic as Master Chief in the new Netflix game remains to be seen – but the right developer is already there.

Netflix is ​​serious: The big, red N doesn’t want to limit itself to mobile games, but also wants to get involved in the AAA market of the video game industry. One of their major projects is led by Joseph Staten (not Jason Statham!) as creative director, as the developer now confirms via Twitter.

Who is Joseph Staten?

In the video game market, only a few developers can make a big name for themselves that it sticks with most gamers in the long term. But let me tell you: Joseph Staten is one of the greats.

He not only invented and established the Halo series at Bungie, but also acted as a co-creator at Destiny. In 2013, Staten left the studio to return to his old baby Halo and work on Infinite. early April he announced his departure from Microsoft. Now we know where it took him.

What Netflix game is this going to be?

So far we know very little about Staten’s new project. At least the following information can be found in his tweet about the new position: It will be a AAA game that will run on multiple platforms and will have a new IP. In addition, there should probably be iconic characters, profound mysteries and endless adventures in the game.

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Staten’s history suggests this could be a new shooter, but we can only speculate here.

However, the streaming service has high hopes for the video game market, In-house studios are currently working on 16 titles and 70 other games come from partner studios. Hits like Spiritfarer and Immortality appear exclusively on mobile, while big games like Cyberpunk, Dragon Age and League of Legends get their own series. So Netflix will be with us in gaming for a while.

Would you like a new shooter that could follow in the footsteps of Halo and Destiny? Would you like another sci-fi scenario, or is there plenty of time for a breath of fresh air? Or would you be even more drawn to a completely different genre from Joseph Staten’s pen? Write it to us in the comments!

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