Netflix Gaming: What Could It Mean for the Industry?


Since 2007, Netflix has been the pioneer of streaming. The platform changed the face of entertainment in the 21st century, delivering a subscription-based service consisting of numerous movies and television shows. However, that doesn’t seem to be enough for the entertainment powerhouse, with reports suggesting that a move into the gaming sector could be on the horizon. On the face of it, this could prove successful, especially if the online casino industry tells us anything about modern-day trends. So, let’s consider if Netflix should transition into gaming. 

Casino Trends Highlight Reasons for Optimism 

Netflix’s proposed venture into the gaming industry is currently in its infancy. However, there’s undoubtedly some logic to the proposition. Netflix is currently the master of streaming, which could serve it well if it were to transition. At the time of writing, video-oriented offerings are at the heart of the online casino sector, as evident from Paddy Power’s online roulette games. The platform possesses an ever-growing range of live-dealer games, which cater to consumers’ streaming demands. As such, prospective betters can immerse themselves in real-time content on desktop and mobile. Because Netflix is accustomed to cross-platform compatibility, the foundations are there to adopt a casino-inspired approach.


Over the last few years, it isn’t only the online casino sector that has sought to integrate a Netflix-style approach to delivering content. Cloud gaming looks to the next step for the video games market, although the concept has yet to fulfill its potential. While Google Stadia, PlayStation Now, and Project xCloud have taken steps forward, the services are still flawed, with CNET highlighting that they’re slow and lacking in the latest games. If Netflix pursues a future in gaming, this is a potential gap in the market to target. 

A Transition Should be Easy, Shouldn’t It? 

According to TechRadar, a spokesperson from Netflix responded to rumors about a potential gaming future by saying that the company are excited to “do more with interactive entertainment”. This shows that the streaming platform aren’t closing the door on exploring other action-packed markets. That said, there’s some debate over whether Netflix would succeed upon branching out into gaming.    


It’s fair to have concerns over a potential Netflix crossover. After all, Amazon Luna hardly took the market by storm following its release in September 2020. Furthermore, as Investor Place highlights, there’s a growing pattern of well-known tech corporations failing to master the gaming market. By comparison, brands like Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony are long-term contributors to the industry. As a result, they’ve amassed loyal audiences throughout their existence, thus highlighting that it’s not merely a case of Netflix breaking into the market but also securing a long-term future. However, with competition from world-renowned brands that consistently deliver high-quality gaming experiences, that won’t be easy. 

Is There Room for Netflix? 

From a traditional console standpoint, Netflix may struggle to break into the gaming industry. However, if they target cloud gaming, there’s reason for optimism. Existing services haven’t piqued consumer interests, and Netflix has a reputation as a streaming powerhouse. The company has the knowledge to deliver in-demand content in a timely manner, which has thus far been one of the leading drawbacks of cloud gaming.