Nerf hires a TikTok chief officer and my inner teen is drooling


As a 90s kid I dreamed of getting the Nickelodeon Super Toy Run – five minutes to fill a Toys R Us shopping cart with everything I liked. I had my route all planned: piles of video games, a few Lego sets of your choice, then a refuel at the Nerf aisle.

The world is, of course, very different at the moment, but Nerf may have just announced a modern, grown-up version of the dream: It’s hiring a Chief TikTok officer to come up with the company’s marketing for three months, what a lucky influencer $ 30,000 and “A huge amount of Nerf products” in exchange for helping Hasbro figure out how to seduce Gen Z.

Oh yes, this is it Surely a marketing stunt. But it also is a real job on the real career site of the company, and you must submit an actual application and interview for the position if Hasbro likes what you have. You are expected to make 10-12 TikTok videos per month, meet weekly with Nerf’s marketing team, and – unfortunately – be 18 or older to get hired.

It’s also completely remote, so you’ll be communicating through Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or whatever, rather than getting a tour of the Nerf labs or archives. Not as fun as could be!

But still quite fun. I hope this goes to a new face, not an established influencer! If you are chosen, we would love to hear what it was like afterwards. My DMs are open

You will be missed.
Photo by Sean Hollister / The Verge