Neighbors of Idaho University students brutally murdered claim front door was left open for HOURS

According to some reports, the front door of the house where four University of Idaho students were brutally knifed to death was still open hours after the murders. 

The victims, three women and one male, were found inside the student house they shared on November 13, with no signs of break-in.

A neighbor however stated that the front door which allows access to the floor where two victims’ roommates were staying was open at 8:30 AM on November 13.  

Police stated that the murders took place between 3 and 4 in the morning. 

The three women have been named as Madison Mogen, 21; Kaylee Goncalves, 21; and Xana Kernodle, 20.

Ethan Chapin (20 years old) was Kernodle’s boyfriend and one of the housemates. 

Four University of Idaho students were brutally knifed to death at the front door of their house. This was allegedly still the case hours after the murders.

Killed In The November 13 Stabbing Were (Left To Right) Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen (On Kaylee'S Shoulders), Ethan Chapin, And Xana Kernodle

Kaylee Goncalves and Madison Mogen (on Kaylee’s shoulders), Ethan Chapin (on Kaylee’s shoulder), and Xana Krumodle were killed in the November 13 stabbing.

The Victims - Three Women And One Man - Were Found On November 13 Inside The Student House The Three Women Shared, With No Visible Signs Of Any Break In

The victims, three women (and one man) were found dead inside the student housing they shared on November 13. There were no signs of break-in and no visible signs of it.

However, A Neighbor Said That The Front Door, Which Gives Access To The Floor Where Two Of The Victims' Roommates Who Were Were Staying - Was Open At 8:30 A.m. On Morning Of November 13

A neighbor claimed that the front door to the floor where the victims’ roommates were staying was open at 8:30 AM on November 13th.

Fox News was informed Thursday by a state spokesperson that this type of information is part the investigation and will not be released.

Moscow Police Department stated earlier that it is investigating Chapin’s movements and Kernodle’s movements. They visited the frat house where Ethan was a member hours before the murders. 

Police believe Ethan and Xana visited the Sigma Chi house from about 9pm on November 12 until around 1.45am, when they returned to Xana’s off-campus home, just a brief walk away, where the murders took place. 

Ofsthun confirmed that he knew Xana as a friend and that Ethan was a member the frat. He According to the Sigma Chi house, there are no cameras that could aid in the investigation. 

Ethan and Xana, a 20-year old couple, were stabbed in the stomach while they slept. Police have yet to identify any suspects or find a murder weapon.

An earlier appeal to the public had been focused on Kaylee’s and Madison’s activities that night, which included stops at a sports bar or a food truck. 

Police Are Now Looking Into Xana And Ethan'S Final Movement, Where They Were Suspected To Have Been At Ethan'S Frat House Until Nearly 2Am

Moscow Police Department stated Monday that it is investigating the movements of victims Ethan Chapin (together above) and Xana Kernodle, who visited Ethan’s fraternity home hours before the murders. 

1670345293 743 Idaho Cops Focusing On Movements Of Two Students Killed In

Police believe Ethan (above) and Xana went to the Sigma Chi house (below) between 9pm and 1.45am on November 12. They then returned to Xana’s home.

1670371394 320 Idaho Lawmaker Warns University Faces Snowballing Disaster If Murder Of

Aaron Snell, Idaho State Police Communications Director, said that it appears to be one of the more difficult areas in which we don’t have much information. Good Morning America Ethan and Xana’s movements on November 12.

He said, “So being able locate what they did that evening, to possibly who they contacted or any routes they took home would be important to the investigative,” he continued.

Tensions grew between investigators, victims’ families, and police, who expressed frustration at the inability of identifying a suspect.

Kaylee’s father Steven has previously told Brian Entin, NewsNation The police told him that her injuries were worse than those of the other victims, but he didn’t go into detail. 

Moscow Police refuted this statement in a new statement. 

The statement continued, “There have been statements, speculation about this case and victim injuries, cause death, evidence collection, processing and investigative techniques.”

“However we firmly believe that speculation and unvetted info is a disservice the victims, families and our community,” it continued. Echoing previous statements, the statement reiterated a refrain as the small-town investigation team has come under increasing criticism. 

According to the department, “The Moscow Police Department is committed at providing information whenever it is possible but not at any cost to the investigation and prosecution,”

Ethan And Xana (Seen Above) Were Killed On The Second Floor, While The Other Victims Were Found Dead On The Third Floor Of The House

Ethan (seen above), and Xana were both killed on the second level, while the other victims were discovered dead on the third.

Idaho State Police Communications Director Aaron Snell Confirmed Investigators Are Probing The Movements Of Victims Ethan Chapin And Xana Kernodle Prior To The Killings

Aaron Snell, Idaho State Police communications director, confirmed that investigators are investigating the movements victims Ethan Chapin Xana Knodle and Xana Kernodle just before the killings.

Kaylee'S Family (Above) Previously Said They Learned That Her Injuries Were Worse Than The Other Victims'. The Family Say They Are Tired Of Waiting For Answers From The Cops In Moscow

Kaylee’s family (above), previously stated that they had learned that her injuries were more severe than those of other victims. The family says they are tired of waiting for answers in Moscow from the police 

The Murder House In Moscow, Idaho. Slain Housemates Kaylee Goncalves And Madison Mogen Were Found On The Top Floor In Their Beds. College Lovers Ethan Chapin And Xana Kernodle Were Found In A Second-Floor Bedroom While Survivors Dylan Mortensen And Bethany Funke Were Sleeping On The First Floor

Madison and Kaylee were found on the second floor of the Moscow, Idaho residence. Ethan Chapin and Xana Krumodle, college lovers, were found in a bedroom on the second floor while Dylan Mortensen was sleeping on the top floor and Bethany Funke, survivors, were located on the first floor.

Police also stated that they investigated the possibility that Kalyee was a stalker. This is three weeks after four University of Idaho students were killed at their off-campus home on November 13.

Police stated that two men appeared to be following Kaylee in the Moscow business, and then followed her to her car. However, they did not make contact.

After The police spoke to the men and determined that the incident was isolated. There was no evidence that suggests they were involved.

Monday’s update revealed that two males were seen in the unknown business prior to their departure. One male followed Goncalves inside. He She was then seen following her as she walked towards her car. 

According to police, the male fled from her and did not appear to have made contact with her. Police did not provide any details about the location of the incident.   

Police spoke to both males and discovered that they were trying meet women at the business. This was confirmed by additional investigation. 

Police also confirmed that no evidence was found on Murphy, Goncalves’ dog, on Monday. Murphy was found at the scene. It is not known where the dog was when the murders occurred.

Idaho Police Now Say There Was An Incident At A Local Business Which Involved The Stalker Kaylee Goncalves Mentioned Just A Month Before She Was Stabbed To Death In Her Home. They Also Revealed That Murphy, Her Dog, Was Inside The Home But Did Not Have Any Evidence On Him

According to Idaho police, there was an incident at a local company that involved Kaylee Goncalves, the stalker she mentioned just one month before she was killed in her home. They also revealed Murphy, her dog, was present in the home, but they did not have any evidence.

Kaylee'S Dog Murphy (Pictured) Which Had Been At The Home At The Time Of The Murders And Was Found Unscathed, Is Now Living With Her Boyfriend Jack Ducoeur

Kaylee’s dog Murphy (pictured) which had been at the home at the time of the murders and was found unscathed, is now living with her boyfriend Jack DuCoeur

According to the release, a “dog” was found in a room not used for crimes during the search of a home. 

“Officers found no evidence on the dog and there were no indications that the animal had entered crime scene. The dog was taken by Animal Services and released to a responsible individual.

Three weeks after the grisly murders, there are still no answers. Authorities have yet to name a suspect. 

Madison and Kaylee were sleeping on Madison’s third floor, while Xana was on the second floor and Ethan on the first floor. Cops believe the killer entered the house via a sliding glass door on second floor that was at level with the backyard.

Two other roommates were present in the house at the time, but were not hurt and were unaware that the attack took place. They were on the first floor.

According to the most recent update, detectives have sorted through more than 2,645 emailed and 2,770 phone tips and 1,084 submissions of digital media.

Moscow police released a statement Monday stating that they believe someone has the information necessary to add context to the investigation into what happened that evening.

“Our focus is on the investigation, not the activities.” Your information, no matter how significant, may be one of these puzzle pieces that will help solve these murders.

Aaron Snell, spokesperson for Idaho State Police, stated last week that it was possible that all four victims were intended targets of the grisly November 13 stabbings.

He Although investigators confirmed that they have enough evidence to support the theory that the killings were targeted, they admitted that they are not closer to identifying the murderer.

The update on Monday stated: ‘We have not changed our belief that the murders were a targeted attack. Investigators are still not certain if the target was the house or its occupants.

The autopsies revealed that the four students were stabbed and killed, most likely with a fixed blade knife. Investigators also checked with local stores to determine if they had recently sold military-style knives.

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