Need To Get Your Hands On Cash Quickly Here’s Some Tips

This time of year can be difficult for everyone when it comes to money. We are trying to recover from the excesses of Christmas, and throw in a global pandemic and well, we can all feel a little strapped for cash.

You can almost guarantee that while you are finding things a bit financially challenging, something else will decide to go wrong. Your car will break down, your central heating system will decide to stop working or you will realise your rent is due and you just don’t have the cash available to pay it.


What do you do? How on earth do you get through a tough time with no money? Here, we look at some of the solutions on offer to you to help you get your hands on cash quickly.

Can you sell anything?

Lots of people use this time of year as a good excuse to declutter their homes and get rid of anything that they no longer need, want or use. Why not do this AND make some cash at the same time? Remember, what is one man’s (or woman’s!) is another’s treasure. eBay, Craiglist and Facebook Marketplace are great places to sell your unwanted stuff and get money for it. What are you waiting for? Get your Marie Kondo on and get sorted – and paid.

Look at quick cash loans

When you need cash really quickly – like within the same day or two quickly – selling stuff may just not be quick enough, or guarantee you the amount that you need. There are quick cash solutions available – if used responsibly, they are a great way of getting the money you need until you are in a more financially settled position.


Good at writing? Nifty at website design? Know your SEO stuff? If you have skills that are in demand, use them. Freelancing is a great way to make some extra money on the side, or as a full time job. Look at online job marketplaces such as People Per Hour, Upwork and Fiverr for gigs. Build up a portfolio and you will be soon inundated with job offers!

Rent out a room

Perhaps not one to consider in pandemic, but otherwise a great idea if you have a spare room or two. You can either look for a permanent lodger or housemate or, if you live somewhere that tourists or business people may want to visit, put it on air BnB. The downsides, of course, is that you have to be the model housemate and keep it clean and tidy all of the time, but for a side hustle for some cash – it’s lucrative.


Do you play an instrument, or do you speak a second language? Perhaps look at offering your services to someone who wants to learn from the comfort of their home. An experienced tutor can charge a decent amount of money, so it can be a great way to capitalise on your hobby while making some extra cash.

There are always ways of getting your hands on cash when you need it. It is usually a case of being a little creative, thinking outside the box and using some of your skills and hobbies to help you out financially.