Necrophiliac double murderer David Fuller, 68, is jailed for another four years

Double murderer David Fuller, 68, has been given a further four years in prison at the Old Bailey for the ‘systematic’ sexual abuse of the bodies of women in hospital morgues in Tunbridge Wells.

The families of the women who were sexually abused in the death have described their ‘disgust’ at the ‘sick and twisted’ acts of double murderer David Fuller.

Fuller, 68, is already serving a life sentence for murdering Wendy Knell, 25, and Caroline Pierce, 20, in 1987 and was convicted of sexually abusing the corpses of 78 women and girls in Tunbridge hospital morgues. Wells.

He appeared at the Old Bailey today to be sentenced for a second installment of offenses against 23 other dead women.

David Fuller, 67, Escaped Justice For More Than 30 Years After Murdering Wendy Knell, 25, And Caroline Pierce, 20, In Tunbridge Wells In 1987. In December 2020, Dna Breakthroughs Finally Police Were Led To Fuller'S Home In Heathfield, East Sussex, Where They Found Gruesome Evidence That He Had Raped Over 100 Corpses Of Women In Two Hospital Morgues Where He Worked.

David Fuller, 67, escaped justice for more than 30 years after murdering Wendy Knell, 25, and Caroline Pierce, 20, in Tunbridge Wells in 1987. In December 2020, DNA breakthroughs finally Police were led to Fuller’s home in Heathfield, East Sussex, where they found gruesome evidence that he had raped over 100 corpses of women in two hospital morgues where he worked.

Opening the facts, prosecutor Michael Bisgrove said Fuller had abused the bodies of at least 101 girls and women, although 10 of the victims had not been identified and were unlikely to have been.

Mr Bisgrove said: “The indictment reflects Mr Fuller’s course of conduct during his employment at two funeral homes during which he systematically and repeatedly abused the bodies of dead women and girls. He abused at least 101 women.

The daughter of one of the victims described in court how she felt when she found out about her mother’s abuse, saying: ‘Pain and emotional upset went through my body like a knife.

“He took advantage of her helplessness in death when we couldn’t protect her.”

Addressing the defendant in the dock, he said: ‘David, I want you to know how much damage you have caused, how your sick and twisted behavior has hurt families like mine.


Azra Kemal, 24, Died After Falling From A Motorway Bridge In July 2020. Her Body Was Raped By Fuller In The Tunbridge Wells Hospital Morgue.

Azra Kemal, 24, Died After Falling From A Motorway Bridge In July 2020. Her Body Was Raped By Fuller In The Tunbridge Wells Hospital Morgue.

Azra Kemal, 24, died after falling from a motorway bridge in July 2020. Her body was raped by Fuller in the Tunbridge Wells Hospital morgue.

One of Fuller’s victims, 24-year-old Azra Kemal, died after sliding down a 10ft-wide gap between two carriageways on a road bridge on the A21 between Sevenoaks and Tonbridge on July 16, 2020.

His body was taken to the Tunbridge Wells Hospital morgue and was later identified as one of those raped by Fuller.

Upon learning the horrible news, Azra’s mother, Nevres, described how she grabbed a knife. from her kitchen and went directly to the Colindale police station, where she thought he was.

‘The fury . . .’ she said. “My only thought was, ‘He’s not going to get away with this.'” I had just been told that he had raped her in the hospital when she was dead. It was incomprehensible. I felt like I had to take matters into my own hands: find him, punish him. I am her mother

“If I had found him, I’m 99.99 percent sure I would have stuck that knife in his heart because he had stuck a knife in mine.” The idea of ​​him raping her, of touching her hair, touching her skin…

“But as I was walking towards the police station, all hell broke loose. Cops seemed to spring from everywhere. Eight or nine of them handcuffed me and threw me to the ground.

Nevres Kemal (Pictured) Was 'Consumed With Rage' Upon Learning What Fuller Had Done To Her Daughter'S Body.

Nevres Kemal (Pictured) Was 'Consumed With Rage' Upon Learning What Fuller Had Done To Her Daughter'S Body.

Nevres Kemal (pictured) was ‘consumed with rage’ upon learning what Fuller had done to her daughter’s body.

The two officers who had come to the house called and said that he was running with a knife. But the police who arrested me did not know what had happened.

“I was crying: ‘My daughter was raped in the hospital and she is dead.’ They’d look at me and say, ‘Does this woman need psychiatric help?’

‘They read me my rights but I had this rage. I was screaming, ‘What are you doing? I need to end this. Nobody is raping my son. I’m his mother. I’m here because I’m looking for Dave. He has to be punished.

As it was, Ms Kemal herself was thrown into a cell and was held there for 34 hours.

“I am pleased that you are now held accountable for what you did just seven hours after she died.”

Two years ago, Fuller admitted to murdering Wendy Knell, 25, and Caroline Pierce, 20, in 1987 after severely beating and strangling them to death.

Both women, who lived alone in rooms in Tunbridge Wells in Kent, were sexually assaulted by the hospital’s former electrician as they were dying or after death.

Miss Knell’s body was discovered in her bed on June 23, 1987, while Miss Pierce, who was attacked just yards from her front door on November 24, was found three weeks later on November 15. December, wearing only a pair of tights, in a field 38 miles away. away in Romney, Kent.

Their gruesome deaths, dubbed the ‘bedroom murders’, became one of the longest unsolved double homicide cases in the UK.

The three-time married Fuller was finally arrested on December 3, 2020 after a breakthrough in DNA science identified a familial link to a relative in the national database.

But detectives only realized the true scope of his crimes when they discovered what prosecutor Duncan Atkinson KC described as “a library of unimaginable sexual depravity” hidden in a cache in his home.

Stored on the hard drives were videos and photos Fuller had recorded of himself abusing dozens of women and girls over a 13-year period in hospital morgues, where he worked as a technical supervisor.

Married Fuller, who had been employed by the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust since 1989, waited for morgue staff to finish their shifts before accessing the fridges where the bodies were stored.

The victims, some of whom the 68-year-old raped more than once, included three who were under the age of 18 at the time of death. Several others were said to be over the age of 85.

He then used death records to record their details in his own notebooks and even looked up some of his victims on Facebook.

He was still working for the NHS trust when he was arrested and had been given access to all areas of both hospitals via a swipe ID card.

Also on the hard drives were a staggering four million indecent images of children, mostly downloaded from the Internet.

Fuller, from Heathfield, East Sussex, initially denied the landmark murders on the grounds of diminished responsibility before unexpectedly changing his guilty plea amid dramatic scenes on the fourth day of his trial.

The depraved murderer was later sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

At the time of sentencing, 81 of the mortuary victims had been identified.

However, due to difficulties in identifying all the corpses he abused and fearing there are hundreds of others dating back to when Fuller’s hospital employment registration began, Kent Police set up a call center at the end of the trial to address any public concerns. .

The government also announced that an independent public inquiry would be held, while NHS England ordered all hospitals to review their safety.

Following Fuller’s conviction, the Kent and Essex Serious Crimes Bureau was able to identify a total of 101 victims.

The latest charges relate to the remaining 23 victims, all deceased adult women, whose corpses were abused between 2007 and 2020.

An extensive and complex identification process led officers to formally identify 13 of these 23 additional victims.

Police were unable to establish the identities of the other 10 victims, however the charges reflect crimes against all of them.

No evidence of further victims has been found.

  • Any of the families who wish to speak with the Trust or access the victim support services that have been implemented should contact Victim Support Online at: or by calling the Support Line: 0808 1689111.

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