NBA 2K21 Best Dribble Moves – How To Do Fastest Dribble Moves & Combos?

Dribble allows you to easily break through the opponent’s defense and win goals. So which are the best Dribble Moves in NBA 2K21 and how do you perform handcam dribble effectively to win the game? In this guide, you can find the answer. Once you can use dribble combos proficiently, you will no longer need to prepare a large amount of NBA 2K21 MT to buy top rated players. 

Best Settings For Dribble Moves

The first thing we want to show you is the settings, because there are some crucial settings like the pro stick orientation, that you want to make sure is on absolute. It’s a little bit confusing to explain, but just that all your dream moves work like showing on the below screenshot, make sure that this is on absolute. It might default to absolute but in the past it used to just start off on camera relative.


Player Badges To Use For Best Dribbling In NBA 2K21

Because this is a dribbling guide, we are going to recommend you this playmaker badge so here they are in case anyone wanted them and this is when you run special delivery which helps your teammates get takeover very fast, especially delivery you don’t have to use. By the way ankle breaker is a very good badge this year and if you were not using special delivery, this is probably the badge layout that you should use.


Best NBA 2K21 Dribble Animations

All right and now for the part of the guide that you have all been waiting for, we are finally going to reveal the best dribble moves we think. Start off with the dribble style, and we are going to explain every move and why you need it, show you how to use and combo with these moves. So we recommend you keep reading the guide from the reliable NBA 2K MT Store – AOEAH.COM, don’t just put these your moves on, if you want to become the best dribbler possible. 

Here is the the best dribble moves settings we recommend:


Dribble Style

Dribble Style is on James Harden, this doesn’t really matter too much but you could use quick a lot of people use that, but we here just use James Harden. 

Signature Size-Up

For the signature size, we recommend the Kevin Durant. This is one of the most important drip moves in the game, a lot of people use Allen Iverson, because it has a nice ski boost out of it, so you could use that if you want and if Kevin Duran isn’t working good for you. But the two that we’ve narrowed it down to is Allen Iverson and Kevin Durant, this is one of the moves that matters a lot, especially in a dribble tutorial, so make sure that you have signature size up Kevin Durant on.

Park Size-Up

We have None on park size-up, because like that’s like park drip moves like who wants those on. Only little timmys want park sizes on you know we are saying. We are not trying to roll on the floor while we are mid play.

Basic Size-Up Packages

We are using PRO 1 on basic size up packages. This is another important one, make sure that you have that on. 

Size-Up Escape Packages

Size up escape packages is set on pro 2 hands down, this is the best one in the game like we are telling you very body is going to use pro 2 for the whole year, because this is one of the moves that gives you the curry slide. We don’t know if there’s any other moves for the size of escape packages that give you the curry slide which is the glitchy behind the back, but we know pro 2 definitely has it, so make sure that you have Pro 2 on.

Moving Crossovers

Moving crossovers honestly does not matter too much but we have on Pro 8. We would say either pro 8 or pro 2 for the moving crossover is fine.

Moving Behind the Backs

We are using pro 3 for behind the back. The moving behind the backs are the same that they have been in the past few years. We think the other solid behind the backs are like pro 5 and maybe pro 6. Don’t quote us on that but we know pro 3 is the fastest one, so that’s why we are using that.

Moving Spins

You might be thinking like why we are not using like a Pro move but using basic. Because it will help you with your spin back, half spin all that, just make sure you have one basic one.

Moving Hesitations

Moving hesitations we have on Pro 5. This doesn’t matter too much, you can use the one you want.

Moving Stepbacks

Again this is one of the ones that we don’t think matters too much but we do have on Pro 2.

Triple Threat Styles

We’d never care about this but we are using Normal 4.

How To Do The Best Dribble Moves?

This dribble tutorial is going to be for beginners but also advanced players, we we are just going to show you literally how to dribble in this game. So we will start off simple and then get a little bit more advanced by the end. Hope this dribble moves can help you save NBA 2K21 VC for buying packs.

Momentum Crossover

It is a move that has been very necessary like everybody should know how to do this, but this year they actually changed it up a little bit and it’s not as important. 

We going to do this with the ball in our right hand and if you want to do it the other way, then just flip the arrows but you’ll throw some arrows on the screen that’s what you want to do. You don’t have to hold right trigger but you can hold it if you want to, right stick goes up and your left stick goes to the left that is if your ball is in your right hand. And you want to do that at the same time just flick your sticks like a little flick, so the right stick always goes up and the left stick goes in the opposite direction of your blind. So if the ball is in the right, your left stick’s going to be going left; if the ball is in your left hand, then the left stick is going to the right. You just flick the sticks and don’t hold them. Because if you hold them then it’s going to make you do some weird.


Curry Slide

Now the next move is one of the most effective moves in the game and this is going to be the curry slide. There’s not a lot of dribble moves that you can do this year that are effective, but the curry slide is one of them and you can’t actually spam it this year. So you actually have to like wait or like throw in another move and then do it.


Let’s say it’s in your left hand you don’t have to hold right trigger we usually do, and then the right stick. You don’t touch your left stick at all, the right stick is going to go diagonal down to the right. Just make sure that you’re holding the stick in that diagonal downward direction don’t just flick it. If you hold it down, it gives you the long curry slide.

Curry Slot

This is a very simple one and it looks like this you just want to do the first move which is a momentum and then a curry slide back in that other direction. You just need to do the first move that we showed you and then the second move right after it.

Double Step Back

For the double step back which is a new move we haven’t seen this in NBA 2k before. You need to hold your right trigger and then flick your right stick down. It’s so simple you just flick the right stick down and it gives you that little double hop back which is actually really op. You do the double hop back you can just come out of it and run in the opposite direction, and you usually have a rim run because they’re not ready for it.

Another move that we do is the double step back and then a curry slide, which is one of the ways that we normally start our combos, like we will just do a curry slide and then start dribbling out of it.

Long Hesi to the Left or Right

We going to be doing this move to the left, hold the right trigger and then with the right stick hold on, you don’t do anything with the left stick, with the right stick you just go upwards to the left. And then if you want to go right you do the same thing upwards to the right, left upwards to the left. It’s so simple but like a lot of people don’t know how to do it. And if you want to do the between the legs heavy, all you have to do is the same thing but with the right stick, you just go left or right like straight left or straight right with the stick.


One of the moves that you can do with any of this hesi is the between the legs one or just like the regular hesi. If you run the opposite direction, let’s say you do a hesi to the right, then you run left out of it like that’s a pretty fast speed boost, and you can normally get a free rim run out of it. Especially if you do it like one time in a game, the defender is usually not ready for it and you just rim run out of it.

Curry Slide Combo 

It is the little step back so basically, first you do a little step back curry slide, run it to the right, step back, curry slide. Basically how you do this is, say you’re running to the left side, all you do is you flick down on the right stick do the step back and then you just curry slide. That’s one of the ways that you can start your combos up. It’s not hard, just learn each move singularly and then you can start chaining them together.

Hold RT

Half Spin

This is a move that’s a little bit hard especially if you’re a beginner, it’s just kind of hard to understand what we are talking about. For this move, all you need to touch is your right stick, but don’t touch your right trigger and your left stick. If the ball is in your right hand, then with the right stick you’re going to start from the bottom and do a motion upward to the top, so this is going to look like a backward. If you want to do it on the left side of the ball is in your left hand, then you just make a c shape starting from the bottom.